Listing Your Restaurant Business On Google Maps


In today’s video, I talk about the importance of listing your restaurant or any other service business that depends on local traffic in Google Maps and Google Places Optimization. With more and more people searching for local services via Google Maps, it would create a tremendous drive to your local business if you ensure that your small business is listed on Google Maps and that your listing is complete and properly optimized.

Here is a full transcript of the video:

Hi, I’m Mash Bonigala. Are you a restaurant owner? If you are, I want to ask you: ‘Are you using Google Places? Are you optimizing your listing on Google Places?’.

Now a days, a lot of people look for restaurants using Google Places or Google Maps. I do that every Saturday, every week-end. If I want to find a new restaurant that I want to eat at or if I just want to brainstorm on what restaurant I need to go to on the week-end, I go to Google Maps; I type in my location and possibly the kind of food that I want to eat, and Google Maps then shows you a list of restaurants that are located within the vicinity of my location.

These listings are a fantastic opportunity for restaurant owners to optimize, to ensure that their restaurants are listed properly and completely. Take a look at this. I was looking for a Mexican restaurant and I typed in “Mexican restaurant” and our zip code, and here I got a bunch of results. I click on the first one and you’ll notice that this restaurant has properly optimized the listing. You could see the location; you could see the opening hours; you could see a bunch of photos, possibly uploaded by the restaurant owner or someone related to the restaurant. You can also see a bunch of reviews.

Now, these reviews could be reviews that were given on Google Maps, or they could have been syndicated or extracted from other review sites. In fact, if you are a restaurant owner, you can then use this as an opportunity to request happy customers to leave a review on Google Maps.

Now, take a look at the second listing. It’s a similar kind of a restaurant and I click on that and there you go. There’s no information what so ever! So, this restaurant owner has not even looked into their listing; they’ve not uploaded any photos; they haven’t put down their timings; there’s no reviews here; there’s nothing. So, just think of it: Google Places or Google Maps is an excellent opportunity, especially if you are a restaurant owner.

This works well, of course, for any other retail or any other service out let that depends on local traffic. This could be a hair salon; this could be a DIY shop; it could be anything. And you know it would take ten minutes to sort of properly optimize your listing page; upload a bunch of photos, and then, of course, later on, if you can get some reviews, that’ll be, you know, an added bonus. So, if you’re any one of these kinds of businesses that depends on local traffic, go to Google Maps today, search for your listing and make sure that you sort of properly optimize it to ensure that your business is represented properly on Google Maps.