Linking The Tiffany Brand To Love

By Mash Bonigala

The Tiffany logo design and brand is among the best recognized in the United States, especially if you talk to females. We see a lot of proprietary fonts, but Tiffany blue is actually a proprietary color. They have created a strong brand from women’s love of jewelry and men’s belief that something shiny can be a sign of love.

Tiffany & Co is launching a micro-website called, “What Makes Love True?” This website is promoting the Tiffany brand, claiming to be a ‘Tiffany guide to matters of the heart’. The website opens to a picture of a sophisticated couple walking together. Four squares in the upper left corner allow visitors to check out Love Stories, Tiffany’s New York, The Art of Romance, and Love Is Everywhere. The Love Stories section allows users to share real like love stores, while Tiffany’s New York has a list of romantic places in the Big Apple. The Art of Romance offers tips for men as well as free downloads of classic love songs, and Love Is Everywhere is an interactive feature in which website viewers can share their own romantic encounters in New York City.

This website is intimately connected to the Tiffany brand and logo design. First, from the time you open the home page you are treated to Tiffany blue squares, as seen on the jewelry boxes, along with the recognizable Tiffany font. Everything about this website is smooth, sophisticated, and tied into the city of New York. New York City is a huge part of the Tiffany brand.

Tiffany already has a well-recognized logo design and brand—in fact, they are one of the most recognized brands in the United States, especially by women. This website will help the company continue to be relevant to a younger generation.

The website also represents somewhat of a change for the company. There was a time when the company was linked to luxury, sophistication, and wealth. The new website design is clearly trying to link the brand to love. There are still stylish and sophisticated elements, however. In addition, the Tiffany’s/New York connection is being strengthened through this website. There is no way to interact with this website and not get that.

Jewelry Logos has traditionally been an industry in which branding is very important. Consider: we cannot eat precious metals or gems, and they indeed do not contribute to our lives in any material way. Yet wars have been fought over the ingredients of jewelry, as most of us are convinced of its worth. Precious metals and gemstones are presented as rarely and inherently value. In the last one hundred years, they have become symbols not just of wealth, but of love as well. Tiffany has been a large part of the push to tie jewelry with affection and romance.

Tiffany is not just building their industry’s brand with this website, they are building their own brand and showing people all over the world why they should be the preferred choice in symbols of love.