Lily-Balou Website Review

By Eva Alsis

Marketing to small children requires an interesting balancing act between pleasing parents and pleasing children. Most parents simply won’t buy products that their children hate, but they want to enjoy their own purchases as well. A similar set of competing demands comes with baby goods, as parents want something highly functional and easy to use but stylish and trendy as well. Lily-Balou is a web merchant offering hip and useful products for babies and small children, offering the best of all worlds.

Website Reviewed:

When you enter the landing page, you are treated to a scrolling set of pictures showing the brand’s best selling products. You can the balancing act in the two different fonts used on the page: a fun cursive in hot pink and a more business-like print in cool, adult green. These are set against a gray background, which gives the website a bright and cheerful but not overwhelming feeling. Colorful blocks with friendly circles act as accents while also giving a boost of friendly sentiment.

Even if your products walk the fine line between fun and function, how will your customers know? This website shows how a brand can express without words that they offer the best of both worlds. This simple website speaks in a language that its target customers will immediately comprehend and appreciate. Further, it is designed so they can find the information they are seeking and make a purchase before the magic begins to wear off. People viewing the website will be tempted to make a purchase the first time they visit, which is a good thing for the brand.

Creativity: 5 stars. The website is well programmed and well designed, with a bright cheerful feeling and all of the elements you would expect from a web storefront. Because the brand itself is bright and childlike, portraying this on the homepage is important.

Ease of use: 5 stars. Two different navigation bars on the home page make it easy to quickly find exactly the information that you are seeking. Other functions are present when you scroll down. Further, the homepage is designed so that your eye is led first to the most important elements and then to less crucial information. This is a recognizable feature of good design.

Functionality: 5 stars. Lily-Balou has a web presence in a variety of social networking websites, which you can easily find on the home page. Further, they let visitors to the site know exactly what information they will find at these sites, such as pictures of customers using their products.

Content: Not judged due to a language barrier.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. As we discussed above, it can be difficult to reach several different audiences, especially when these consumers vary widely in age and interest. However, Lily-Balou manages to maintain a child-friendly feeling while appealing to trendy moms and dads.

Overall: 5 stars. This site is a good example of how web programming and graphic design can combine to create a brand that will help a business succeed.