Lego + Fashion Week = Help for Autistic Children


Co-branding is the marketing wave of the future. Two different brands come together, offering exposure for each brand and its logo design. When these two brands are both powerful in their own right, the effect can be immense. Lego is a good example of a powerful brand, with a logo design that is recognized throughout the world, and its presence at this year’s London Fashion Week is certainly notable, especially as it is co-branding to help raise funds and awareness for The National Autistic Society.

In this case, Lego was able to partner with several different popular fashion designers who also have major shows this week. The designers that partnered with Lego included Antoni and Alison, Sam Ubhi, Ely Kishimoto, and Wayne Hemingway. The premise was simple: each designer created a Lego creation that will later be auctioned off on popular auction website eBay between February 15 and February 25. All proceeds will go to The National Autistic Society.

This offers an excellent branding opportunity for everyone involved. Lego gets a chance to appear a little more high fashion than the average toy company. The brand and fashion logos are being associated here not just with play, but with a worthwhile charity and the world of legitimate art. Because the designers were able to create very attractive images from the small plastic blocks, other people may look a little more closely at the artisan potential of the product.

The advantage for the designers is also evident. In addition to exposure for their brand, logo design, and personal sense of style, they are able to showcase their creative skills in a very different medium than the one with which they are associated. As a bonus, hardcore fans will be able to purchase the creations, giving them an insight into the designer’s mind as well as the bragging rights that come with owning such a unique piece of art.

The National Autistic Society has been a charity partner of Lego UK for some time now, but few of the fundraisers have been as unique and memorable as this one. If the auction brings a tidy profit for the charity, it is easy to see this fun experiment becoming a tradition.

Partnering with other businesses, especially charities, can be an important part of building your brand. In this case, no one entity had a notable amount of expense. Lego provided the raw materials free of charge and the designers involved provided their time and talent. This creates a win-win situation that will surely be appreciated by people who know families dealing with the devastating effects of autism.

If your marketing budget is shrinking, you should pay careful attention to branding opportunities such as this. Getting your logo design into the public eye and having it associated with a cause that has rallied so many can never be a bad thing. If the exposure costs little or nothing, as this cost Lego, the result is a bolstered brand and a relatively unaffected bottom line.