Learn About Vector Graphics and Design Your Logo like a Pro


If you happen to hold interest in the field of logo designing, you must have heard of the term “vector graphics“. The modern logo designing is hugely dependent on this hi tech logo designing solution. Let’s discuss about the basic features of this amazing technique of modern graphic design.

What are vector graphics?

If you are so perfectionist that you want your logo image to come with mathematic precision, you have to take help of vector graphics. It is a software program that is designed specifically for illustration and helps to draw lines as a sum total of various small points. A small number of points are there to connect the control points and these particular points are called Bezier curves.

The beneficial features of vector graphics:

* For a razor sharp precision and high quality graphics, designers prefer the vector graphic program. The images created with Vector look fabulous on monitors because of the high resolution. As a result, when you print the graphics created with Vector, they give you better printouts than the images created with other techniques like bitmap.

* Again, with the vector graphics you can resize the graphics more easily. You can reproduce in any size the image quality will remain same. However, the small errors of drawing may become visible if the image is enlarged too much.

* While in bitmap image system, the images are stored in pixilated forms as thousands of different colored dots, the vector images are stored as Bezier curves and points. Thus in case you draw a green triangle in vector graphics, it will memorize only the 3 pixel points of the triangle and assign the color in the field between these points. Thus vector graphics is very memory efficient system. The vector graphics images can be stored in EPS-file format and the file sizes are remarkably small. They can also be stored in ai or cdr file formats.

* The vector graphics are compatible with such vector based software as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. One vector format that is fast becoming popular on the Internet because of its user-friendly features is Macromedia Flash.

* The vector graphics are also the basis of any 3D logo design program. It is easy to use—you can scrawl up any shape or scribble down any font or change any color with vector graphics.

There are two reasons why the modern logo designers can not do without vector graphics:

* The modern logos are destined to appear on all types of promotional projects—starting from websites to the bodies of company vehicles. As such nothing can reproduce the company logo in so many sizes without compromising on the quality as vector graphics can.

* The modern logo philosophy revolves round creating simple yet alluring logos without the use of complex details or too many colors. As such, it is the vector program that can give you the best up to date solution in professional logo designing.

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