Leadership Coaching Logo

By Mash Bonigala

Leadership Coaching Logo – Great Minds Incorporated (GMI) is a Career and Leadership Coaching and Consulting firm which supports their clients to manifest their personal and organizational greatness! Through Career Coaching they work individually with clients to develop strategies to maximize the use of their strengths, identify and remove obstacles to their personal success, and support them to meet or exceed their career goals and objectives.

Through leadership coaching & consulting they work both with leaders and organizations to clearly develop their goals and objectives, identify and create cultures to sustain long-term peak performance, and maximize the use of individual strengths and organizational competencies. They especially enjoy working with individuals and organizations which value integrity, customer enthusiasm, high performance, and possess both the desire and the ability to accomplish great things.

Targeting individuals who want to achieve greatness, Great Minds wanted a logo that was totally different from the competition. A quick research into what the competition were using for their Education & Training logos, revealed that most were going for text based logo designs with little or no graphical icons. Colors used in the logos were also quite muted and on the whole quite understated. Considering the client’s request to make the company totally stand out, we decided to take a very visual approach to this logo design project.

We created several logo designs which included bold graphics, bright colors and a distinctly web 2.0 logo design look and feel. A couple of these concepts had an abstract human face and a hint of the “brain” and thought process. The client was immediately drawn to this direction and the final logo as you can see above is made of a bold image of an abstract human head with an abstract brain indicating thought. The colors used were striking and had quite an impact.

The font selection and placement was also carefully considered to make sure the audience undertook the professional nature of the company. A modern typeface was selected to lift the design and create a contrast between the bright and bold icon and the cold professional font treatment. The client then used the logo efficiently in their branding efforts including their website and marketing materials.

Executive Coaching Daily Logo

ANV (A New View), one of our clients, was starting up an new Consulting/Coaching Business where they provide a variety of solutions to corporations around Sales Leadership and Executive Coaching, Mid Management Coaching, Motivational Solutions, Hiring Talent, Training, Team Building, Sales Conference Event Planning, etc in Golden, Colorado 80403. However, they are a bit unique in that they provide both traditional services and alternative approaches and a “A New View” into the traditional programs being currently offered today.

Servicing businesses ranging from approx. 50 employees up to around 5000 employees, the client wanted a fresh approach. Some thing that is totally different from the competition. The client did not want to associate any kind of human abstract icons to show team work or employees etc.

The client wanted a font based logo that did not have a separate graphic icon. They also wanted us to use muted colors. So our logo designer set to work on the project a little apprehensively since the requirement was highly restrictive. However, they welcomed the challenge and set to work researching the current motivational coaching industry to see the kind of branding taking place. What they realized was that most of the company logos in this industry were quite dated and looked unprofessional.

Of course the bigger companies did have good branding in place, as usual. It was the smaller businesses that lacked the polish and professional implementation of their logo designs. So, we came up a few concepts that were text based logo designs but were quite polished and elegant. The client picked the above concept and went straight for the final files with our further revisions or changes. The client felt that the design represented their unique take on the coaching business and felt it would help them create a successful brand.