Landing Page Boot Camp


Landing Page Boot Camp: Your eCommerce website landing page is your first impression, and it is important that it be top notch in every way. However, many website administrators are confused about what makes a landing page work best. Here are a few tips for creating a landing page that inspires your visitors to become customers – welcome to the landing page boot camp.

  • Use several different landing pages.

    Many websites use their homepage as an all-purpose landing hub, but this practice forces visitors to wade through a lot of information before finding what they need. This also makes it difficult to target one particular group at a time. Customers who have to go through multiple steps are more likely to bounce, so give them a targeted landing page with just the information they seek.

  • Place important information carefully.

    Many users will not scroll down or click on a link unless they already see the information they want. This means that your main message must be placed at the top left of the page. This will ensure that your visitors are always seeing your marketing message. You should also place important links, such as those to your sales page, at the top as well.

  • Get to the point.

    Make your call to action as early as possible and place it right next to a link to your sales page. This will enable customers who know exactly what they want to quickly complete the process. Similarly, use as few words as possible in all areas. Anything else will create clutter and make it hard to find and identify the most important information.

  • Tie into an advertisement.

    If you have different landing pages for different advertisements, make sure to tie into the advertisement in question as much as possible. You already have a rough idea of what your visitors want—they clicked on the ad, after all.  Give them the exact same marketing message with more relevant details. In many cases, using the exact same text as an opener is the most effective strategy.

  • Keep it simple.

    Visual clutter turns people off and muddies your message. Don’t confuse or annoy your visitors; it is too easy for them to click ‘Back’ and lose the inclination to buy. If you have multiple landing pages, it should be easy to identify a core message for each one and stick to that message. Keep your landing pages simple, brief, and targeted.

  • Use visual aids to separate lists and other information.

    At some point, you have to include details or lists in order to give discerning buyers the information they seek. Use bullets, boxes, or other visual aids to separate this information so it is easy to scan. Place important pieces of information in large, bold letters to set it apart from less important details. People are usually looking for one key piece of information, and they shouldn’t have to read a novel to get to it.

A well-designed e-commerce landing page will increase your sales by helping your customers see why your business is the best choice. A crowded, cluttered, or disorganized landing page will have just the opposite effect. You can’t afford to lose customers to poor design, so make your landing pages the best they can be.