Lady Gaga: The Songstress and the Brand


Like several other US pop stars, Lady Gaga has become quite a UK brand. In fact, she is so much a brand that, like other similarly well branded celebrities, she will soon be releasing a perfume in the UK and several other countries bearing her well known name.

Although the perfume is being developed, produced, and marketed by cosmetics giant Coty, the singer is currently involved in fine-tuning the scent. So far, it is rumoured to be ‘unusual’, which we would expect from any consumer product bearing Lady Gaga’s name. The name of the perfume is so far unknown.

The perfume will be released for this year’s holiday season, with an enormous marketing push and television advertisement campaign to create immediate buzz. It is expected to be more successful that Coty’s recent celebrity fragrance, Kate by Kate Moss, simply because of the singer’s enormous reach. Lady Gaga currently has more than ten million fans on Facebook and more Twitter followers than even the current US president. She recently released a line of clothing, Haus of Gaga, which has been enjoying steady sales.

What will the logo design look like for this new perfume? While these details have not yet been released, there are several hints in the Lady Gaga ‘brand’. The singer is known for being unconventional and raising more than a few eyebrows. However, she remains relentlessly stylish and just a little feminine at the same time. Dichotomy is part of the Lady Gaga brand, and we can expect to see a logo design with opposing elements as well.

Because the singer is stylish and sophisticated, black will likely play a large part in the logo design. Coloured accents in less traditional hues would offset any predictability. The name of both the singer and her perfume could be written in graffiti, feminine script, or even an Old English print reminiscent of a tattoo.

The Haus of Gaga logo design is ultra-modern, with all but the word ‘Gaga’ in plain, colourless writing. The word Gaga is printed in acid brights, with the letters large and accented by lines to create a neon sign effect. The attention is pulled toward the singer’s name and away from other wording to capitalize on Lady Gaga’s brand as completely as possible. However, it is believed that a feminine product such as a perfume will have more embellishment and detail to attract the female consumer.

In many ways, the logo design of this new perfume will depend on the details of the scent and the exact brand that Coty wants to bestow upon it. However, we can bet on one thing: the logo design will be as unique as its namesake.

Lady Gaga’s success has been largely due to the strength of her brand, so it is unlikely that branding will be forgotten in this new venture. If you want to give your own business the same advantage, contact a logo design and branding expert today. Branding is not just a way to get by in today’s media-influenced world; it is the way.