Kick-start your Corporate Blog


Blogs are a great way of wooing your customer base and keeping a constant flow of fresh content into your ecommerce website. However, many people struggle to find new content for their blogs and to keep that content interesting. If your ecommerce website blog is feeling a little stagnant, here are a few ways to come up with new and relevant content.

  1. Introduce new products. You are probably introducing new products on a regular basis. Writing about these on your blog can have two major benefits. First, it allows you to use the keywords related to these products in an organic way that search engine bots simply love. Second, it allows you to gush a little about why they are so great. Talk about how the product is making your own life better and solving a problem that you have. Give real life applications. You may have to write a little fiction here if you do not use your own products, but you get the idea. Wrap the post up with a testimonial so customers know that you are not the only one who is loving this new product.
  2. Get suggestions. A blog is a great place to ask for advice and information regarding ecommerce website design and new products or services. People will rarely click contact when they have a problem; they will simply go elsewhere. However, if you solicit suggestions and make it easy to give them in the comment area, you will almost certainly get the feedback you desire.
  3. Use products in a nontraditional way. If there are added benefits to your products or “off-label” uses, a blog is a great way to introduce them. Be sure to show readers via pictures and videos rather than just telling them about it.
  4. Answer commonly asked questions. Of course you have a FAQ’s page on your ecommerce website, but how many people actually access it? If certain questions come up often, they are probably worth a blog post. Explain things thoroughly and from a customer’s point of view. Avoid sales jargon and any sales behavior at all. You are there to chat, not to close the deal. (Hint: this friendly, informal approach usually closes the deal anyway, so your time will not be wasted.)
  5. Preview sales. Give blog readers a reason to keep coming back. Sale previews and special coupons for blog readers only are two ways of accomplishing this. Previews are especially effective because they introduce a sense of urgency; readers have a limited time to get a special deal before the rest of the public drains your stock.
  6. Talk about online shopping. You might know why it is better to buy a product from your ecommerce website, but your customer base may not. Share a little about the major pros of buying from you. Talk in terms of customer benefits: convenience, wider selection and whatever else you offer.
  7. Brag. If your new product is getting rave reviews, why not share it? Post a few of your testimonials and thank customers for their positive feedback. Be humble and leave your sales hat at home. Simply share the feedback, act grateful and link to the product that is receiving so much positive attention.