Kalinowe Pola Golf Website


Golf is probably one of the best-branded sports in the world, and this website is a good example of how this is accomplished so successfully. A variety of images present golf as a sport for the entire family while balancing this with an upscale, classy image.  While this website is for a golf club in a faraway country, it shows how the golf brand varies little from place to place. Even without words that we can understand, the message being offered here is clear.

Website Reviewed: kalinowepola.pl

The landing page rotates between images of people of a variety of ages playing golf. However, all are playing in impeccable clothing and on perfectly manicured grounds. Golf is seen here as a family activity, but not one for just any family. Only perfect families need to apply. This creates an upscale image that will make people aspire to be worthy of this brand.

While the colors of the website are bright and sunny, the logo design is as simple and sophisticated as can be. A stylized black image of a stick figure holding a golf bag is shown, with pointy edges that tie into the slight serifs in the letters. Thin upper case letters give a sense of market dominance and a hint of sophistication as well. This logo balances the bright and friendly feeling of the website while making it clear exactly what the purpose of the organization is.

It should be noted that people are the focus of this website, creating the impression that this golf club is all about people. This is a subtle differentiating factor, as many clubs show images of greens and equipment instead.

Here’s is the breakdown of Kalinowe Pola:

Creativity: 4 stars. Making people the focus is a new way of looking at golf, but one that will be congruent with the family-friendly image being presented here. The juxtaposition of black and white with brightly hued photos also presents a creative way of approaching the situation.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The tabs at the top of the page make it easy to get from section to section and easy to find whatever you need to know. Information is organized clearly and can be understood even without the ability to read Polish.

Functionality: 3 stars. While there is contact information, there are no links to Facebook, Twitter, or other websites. It’s possible that these are not as common in Poland, where the website is based. However, certain rules of branding are universal, and one of these cardinal rules is that you should always give customers other ways of interacting with you.

Content: Not rated due to language barriers.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website presents a family friendly club while maintaining the upper middle-class image associated with golf. This is quite a coup and one that will make more people interested in the organization.

Overall: 4.25 stars. This well-rounded website is attractive and clearly relevant to the business it represents.