John Lennon Birthday Logo


For many people, the ninth of October was not just another day, but a day of sad remembrance for rock and roll legend John Lennon. This year marked a particularly meaningful milestone, as the former Beatle would have been seventy years old.

There were events all over the world commemorating this milestone, but one notable such celebration was the logo design created by international search engine Google. The logo design at first is a black and white landscape with the artist’s recognizable face peeking over the horizon and a play button as the E. If you click on the button, you can view a short animated video using a line drawing style associated with the singer and artist. With Lennon’s famous song “Imagine” playing in the background, black and white butterflies flit around trees and other nature scenes.

The cartoon ends in a black and white drawing of the Google logo embellished with leaves and flowers. The artist’s face in the centre forms the two O’s in the website name. While many events have been commemorated with Google logos, few have been given a logo of this detail or a video to go with it. It only shows how important John Lennon was to many of his fans. Google has truly outdone themselves for this event, leaving many to wonder what will be next for the search engine super-business.

This logo design is relevant because it uses themes and styles that are associated with the singer. It also incorporates some of Lennon’s own artwork into the logo design and video, giving it a personal touch that family, friends, and fans of John Lennon will appreciate.

While many people consider John Lennon something of a folk hero since his assassination in 1980, others consider here an undeserved martyr. However, his success was remarkable considering that he had very humble beginnings in life. Abandoned by his parents in infancy, Lennon was raised by an aunt who did not support his dreams of stardom. She encouraged him to give up not just his dreams of music, but his dreams of college for a civil service career. However, he rose above these challenges to fund success and stardom. Regardless of how you feel about the Liverpool born idol, he was a public figure who captured the imagination of many people. His birthday brought not just the commemorative Google logo design, but a special concert attended by his widow as well as several other events.

Logo designs are used for a variety of reasons, not just for business marketing. In many cases, a logo is used to express a feeling and to rally people around a cause. This is certainly the case here. With many people still mourning this popular singer, this anniversary was an opportunity to come together—something that John Lennon advocated in many ways. If you want to rally people around the cause of your choice—or simply inspire them to patronize your business—talk to a logo designer today.