Italian Jeweller Expands to UK Hotels


If you are like many people in the UK, you don’t think of Italian jewellery brand Bulgari when you are planning a hotel stay. However, this may change in the near future, as Bulgari is opening new, ultra-luxurious accommodations in London.

Although the company is largely considered a jewellery and luxury goods brand, it has branched out into other markets with success. It currently is operating an upscale hotel in Milan. Knightsbridge is its next destination, on the former site of the Normandie Hotel. The new boutique hotel will be built from the ground up on the site of the former Normandie, and feature seventy-eight guest rooms and five apartments. All furnishings and interior decorations will be furnished by well-known Italian furniture maker Antonio Citterio.

What will the Bulgari company offer London guests? First, potential customers can expect a pure luxury experience consistent with other products of the brand. In addition to being similar to the Bulgari Milan hotel, the Knightsbridge location is being managed by well-known hotelier Ritz-Carlton. The interior design will tie into the jewellery business with furniture heavily influenced by luxury metals and jewellery. Second, in addition to a view of Knightsbridge Green, guests will be able to enjoy a ballroom, business centre, and an onsite private members club complete with swimming pool, spa, and steam rooms. There also will be a similarly branded luxury restaurant on site offering modern Italian cuisine.

Can Bulgari expand their luxury goods brand to other lines of business without diluting their core brand and tarnishing their well-known logo design? This remains to be seen. If the Milan and London locations are successful, the company plans to open similar locations in major global cities including Paris, Rome, and New York. Several island resorts are also in the planning stages. These locations just may build the jewellery brand, especially if they can come through on their promise of Italian luxury and comfort.

While other luxury brands are struggling to maintain their sales, Bulgari has certainly expanded its presence in London, beginning with the opening of a flagship store on New Bond Street four years ago. Luxury companies such as Versace have toyed with the idea of opening a London hotel, but Bulgari will be the first to actuaily do so. However, you may encounter quite a substantial wait if you plan to be one of the first to try out this new luxury hotel, as it will take around three years to complete.

Many luxury brands are finding success in the entertainment and hospitality businesses. This kind of flexibility just may be the factor that separates lasting luxury brands from those that fade away in time. Expanding a company to other markets can be a good idea if you do so without compromising the integrity of your core brand. If you have questions about how your UK brand can grow and change, along with ideas for creating a more flexible logo design and visual identity, talk to a branding and logo design consultant today.