iStock Offers Prepackaged Logos


What is the cost of a good logo design? Is it really worth the money to work with a logo designer for a logo that uniquely represents your business? iStock is betting that many small businesses will think a stock logo is just fine, thank you.

iStock plans to sell prepackaged logos to its customers. They have offered a whopping $5 to designers who upload approved designs for the program’s grand opening. Because the website already is dominant in the marketplace, they will likely attract attention to their cause, as well as a large number of would-be designers and business owners willing to take a risk.

Why is it the risk? First, because you don’t know if the logo you are buying is legal. It could be copyrighted already by another corporation and not available for legal use. The logo bought from iStock may be a one-of-a-kind original, a mild plagiarism of another logo, or an outright theft. iStock will not be policing the legal availability of their logos due to the size of the task, instead stating that they “…are placing the burden of checking for trademark-ability on the client.”

Second, you have no way of knowing whether the logo design in question is a good fit for your business. You may be promoting a certain type of business and inadvertently choose a logo design that says the exact opposite. It takes years of design school to understand the complexities of graphic design and how different details affect your customers on a subconscious level.

Last, you may not be saving a lot of money by buying a stock logo design. While the website is giving their designers a $5 bonus, they will be charging up to $800 for their designs. The designers receive a portion of this money, but the website will be keeping at least half for a commission. This means that customers will be paying professional web design prices for what might be a copycat job.

So designers design without knowing the company and without promise of payment—customers buy a logo without knowing if they can ever legally own it—and the website takes no responsibility but keeps half the money? Sounds like a bad deal for everyone except for iStock.

These issues are not unique to iStock. They are problems that can be seen with almost all of the stock logo websites on the internet. If you want a high quality logo design created especially for your business, rest assured that you can find a qualified logo designer willing to complete the task for far less than $800. Best of all, by working with a professional, you will be ensuring that you are not inadvertently committing a crime or violating someone else’s rights.

There are a variety of professional Cleveland logo designers out there. We happen to know a few, in fact! If you are thinking about buying an iStock logo, be sure to talk to a pro first. They can explain your options and let you know why professional logo design is such a great choice.