Is the Government Paying Too Much for UK Logo Design?


The Government is not exactly known for its frugality—in fact, just the opposite. However, a new report from the Guardian suggests that the people in charge are spending way too much, especially on uk logo design and uk web design services.

Good UK logo design does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but apparently no one in the Information Commissioner’s Office has received the memo. While logo design and web design services are widely available at affordable prices, the ICO recently spent £500 (before VAT) for a small favicon, a small version of the organisation logo that is placed in the browser address bar when visitors peruse the website.

This should be a relatively simple task, but any changes to government websites are mired in bureaucratic challenges that extend the time required and thus drive up the cost. In most situations, creating a favicon would require just a few minutes of a designer’s time. In this case, a long list of “functional specifications” had to be dealt with before the design process could even begin, followed by approval from three separate agencies, resulting in seven designer hours spent on the small image. The net result was a design that cost far more than it should, especially considering that it was merely a scaled-down version of the existing logo.

Indeed, the ICO spent over £40,000 last year on corporate rebranding and similar design services. This is far more than most UK business owners can expect to spend. It seems a shame when the Government is cutting services and other expenses sharply to deal with a sizeable deficit.

In this case, the government agency outsources their IT and design to private agencies, but these agencies are still forced to reckon with bureaucracy and endless meetings for every change. Margaret Manning, chief executive of the Reading Room (the agency that created the favicon) and female entrepreneur of the year in 2008, stated to the Guardian that “it’s as though every piece of work were an encyclopaedia article which had to go through a group of editors.” Manning feels that fear is what extends the length of the process, as the Government is accountable to the public in a way that most private businesses are not. For the record, a YouGov survey recently ranked this design agency sixth in the nation for value.

Perhaps the Government should be more afraid of wasting taxes by spending ten times what they should on design. While logo design and web design are an essential part of running a government agency—or any UK business for that matter—these services can and should be purchased at a price that doesn’t raise eyebrows.

“Less expensive” doesn’t have to mean “lower quality”. As many businesses in the UK have found, logo design and branding consultant services can be found at affordable prices, with stunning end results. If you are looking for UK design services, don’t let the government price tag scare you off. Talk to a logo designer today and find out for yourself how affordable logo design can be.