Is it time for a new logo?


Starbucks fans want to know if the company has lost its mind. Many of them are upset with the new starbucks logo which brings forth the siren that has always been there, but eliminates the circles and the ever famous name “Starbucks”. Many say the name itself is the drawing card. Now they claim the new logo is plain looking and doesn’t do the company reputation justice.

As more and more companies are striving to fit into changing times. They feel that keeping up with all the aesthetic changes that happen around the globe is important. Fashion changes all year long. Shoes, make-up, clothes, hairstyles, computers, cars and electronics are always getting more modern, more streamlined, new generation looking, and old is out. At least that is what their advertising and marketing departments tell them. They are told they need to go with the flow, keep up with the changing times.

Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that long ago that GAP thought they were doing the right thing by changing the GAP logo to what they thought was a more modern type only to have fans relate how disappointed they were with the new one, that they very quickly went back to the old one. Sometimes it is better to follow the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Many are wondering if this is the trend for Starbucks.

The Clorox Company changed their eco friendly logo not to long ago, but it was subtle changes that gave it a more modern look but kept the blue diamond with an added shade of green. Kraft Foods new logo reflects a friendlier look, not as harsh as the blue bold letters inside the bold red oval shaped box of before. It has that famous “swoosh” that is showing up in a lot of logos lately that ends in a colorful splash.

It has been stated that Walmart’s new logo was brought about to represent new changes on the inside of the their stores. Almost all of the stores have been rearranged with new product lines, upgrades on old product lines and discontinuation on some. Instead of the bold blue WAL*MART it is a much gentler WALMART* The asterisk on the first represents the star that used to be in the middle, the asterisk on the end represents the yellow sunburst at the end of the new logo. The Font on the new logo is thinner and softer looking, but it is still Walmart.

What will we see next year, or even in the next few months? It’s hard today. Most larger corporations are in constant competition with others and feel that they have to change something when other companies do in order to stay on top. Sometimes it is just little changes that are needed, and sometimes there are no changes needed. It really depends on the companies reputation as far as their  products and services go. If they provide what they state they will, and have done for years, then keeping the same logo may suffice. If the company is changing then maybe it is time for a new logo.