Is Clip art based logo design good?

By Mash Bonigala

We see often that a very easy route for most small businesses in terms of their corporate identity is a clip art based logo designer that is either designed by themselves or by a freelance friend. It is cheaper, fast and some times really impressive in the beginning.

But small businesses never stop to consider the cost of using a clip art based logo design for their company. A free or cheap clip art based logo design can hurt your company. “Oh sure. You simply want to get our business”, you say. That is true. But the important thing here is that we are talking about your business and your identity.

When meeting clients do you dress up in your pyjamas or your swimming trunks? (unless you are in the pyjama business or a beach ware shop on a beach). No. You would not. Would you talk to your clients with your mouth full of food and ketchup sauce on your shirt? No. You would not.

Then how can you show your prospective client a clip art based logo that looks cheap and unprofessional? The first thing a customer notices would be your logo, be it on the shop front, your business card or your website. When checking out competition, customers are more likely to be influenced to buy from your competitors if they have a better identity.

Imagine this. You are out in Rome and are looking for a local guide. There are two men standing in your hotel lobby waiting for customers. Your front desk operator tells you they are tour guides. The first one is of a medium build with shabby clothes, a worn out hat and even more worn out shoes. It is obvious the guy hasn’t shaved in days. The second one looks neatly groomed, is wearing a clean well pressed, has shiny shoes and is clean shaven. Now who would you chose to be your guide for the day. Most people would chose the second one. Even if he is more expensive than the first. This is applicable to all industry logos including vacation rental company logos.

The same is the case with your company logo design. If your friend, girlfriend, uncle, brother or the local butcher offers to design your logo for free or near free, it is wise to pass up that offer. Would they be in a position to understand the requirements of a professional logo design? Would they think of copyright issues? Would they think of the message the logo is broadcasting? Would they give you vector files developed with PANTONE colors that will be useful for all your printing needs? 9 times out of 10, probably not.

Most professional logo designer think of all these things and with their experience in creating corporate identities you can be assured of getting a logo that will increase the value of your company rather than diminish it.

For cost of a decent pair of shoes or a decent meal with your friends you can get a professionally designed company logo. The same rule applies to your corporate stationery, business cards, website and anything else associated with your business. Your investment in hiring a professional corporate identity designer will benefit your company many fold.