Is childhood a brand?


The Branding of Childhood

Is childhood a brand? While most parents think of their child as more than a chance to display logo designs, childhood is being branded more than ever.

Bands of Brands

Walk into any school—even any preschool—and you will see the Gap logo, the Nike Swoosh logo, and several other logo designs. That is because children are not just the future of our nation; they are somewhat of an accessory as well. Stores sell their brands as part of a healthy American childhood. Consider, for example, the advertisements that you see for children’s clothing, toys and other products. They present idyllic scenes with happy little ones, presenting that brand as a part of a happy childhood. Marketing to children is also common—you probably remember those branded toys of your childhood. Logo design has become part of the nursery landscape, and brand awareness increases as children grow.

A Luxury Childhood?

Children’s logo design and branding is not a new phenomenon, but it is increasing steadily, especially in luxury brands. Fendi, Gucci and Lanvin are all placing their logo design on baby clothing and gear, building important loyalties even in the cradle. There was a time when baby fashion brands such as Bonpoint were reserved for special occasions, even if your last name was Kennedy. Now, Armani and Stella McCartney couture can be seen at a playground near you. These brands are not placed on these children accidentally; parents select them thoughtfully, determined to give their children the very best from birth onward.

The Celebrity Baby Phenomenon

Part of this branding of childhood is due to the celebrity baby phenomenon. While celebrities have always had children, the children used to stay in the nursery while Mom and Dad cruised town. Now we can see celebs with their children, wearing the latest brands and logos of course, in every magazine. A beautiful and well-clad child is the ultimate accessory. It can even be a career builder for the parents, which we like to call the Suri Cruise principle. Nothing can bring a career back from the brink like a child that attracts more paparazzi than even their parents!

Celebrity children are also becoming the faces of certain brands. Gucci launched their children’s wear collection this spring with an ad campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez and her twins.

Why Brands Should Care

Whatever the type of brand you are promoting, children are a great way to promote it. Whether you are selling children’s clothing bearing your logo design or using children in your marketing, the fact remains that Americans love children much, much more than they love adults.

Is your logo design and brand child-friendly? Are you considering ways of adding children’s goods to your existing lineup? These are important questions to ask yourself, especially in the current economy. While many parents are cutting back on purchases for themselves, American children remain as indulged as ever. Parents are still on the lookout for new ways to clothe, entertain and spoil what just may become our nation’s most stylish accessories: our kids.