Intrax Gets On Track


Intrax is in a unique situation in that it is a leader in its field, yet most people have never heard of it. The company offers global education programs, including foreign language instruction and foreign exchange student programs. One of the major problems for Intrax is general market awareness. As we said before, most people have simply never heard the name, seen the logo design or interacted with the brand in any way. This is a challenge that must be resolved in order for the company to enjoy further growth.

An additional challenge is that this is an industry that is dependent on customer trust. No one is sending their child to a foreign country without having a large amount of trust in the people who are keeping them safe and happy. Education logos in general need to inspire trust, while also communicating the value of their products and services.

The old Intrax logo design was simply not up to the challenge. It featured the name of the company in italicized upper case letters that were neither official nor friendly. A wave through the lettering separated the corporate blue from a yellow arc that looked like a rising or setting sun. What does this logo say to its audience? Absolutely nothing. Combined with the name, most viewers would assume that this is an information technology business of some sort—a dated one that may have faded away in the long-past dot-com bust.

The new logo design gives the company a sense of direction. The feeling of movement created by the wave and italicization in the old logo has been replaced with a more modern arrow formed from half of the letter X. The color scheme is not particularly relevant to the industry, but it is also more modern and in addition, easier on the eyes. The new font is more modern as well. According to the company blog, this new logo design is intended to symbolize a new direction for Intrax and a forward-looking focus.

The new logo design is certainly better than the old, without a doubt. It does not feel as dated and has more meaning. However, there are still problems with the design. First and foremost, the A seems almost random within the context of the font. It is lacking a leg at the bottom right and looks almost like an upside-down e. We would like to see a curvy serif here, similar to the one present in the N and the T. It would take so little to remedy this, and it would make a huge difference in the quality of the design.

In addition, the new logo design has not resolved one of the major issues present in the old one, which is a lack of relevance to the industry. How are people supposed to know that this is an education-related company? What elements inspire the level of trust needed before parents will send their kids abroad in Intrax’s care?

Logo design is not just about creating a pretty picture. It is about communicating with your audience, a fact that seems to have been forgotten here.