Internet Marketing More Important than Ever


Although the government is cutting spending almost across the board, they are still going ahead with plans to bring lightning speed broadband internet to rural areas. Areas including Cumbria, Herefordshire, Highlands, and North Yorkshire will be among the communities to get a trial run of this government sponsored internet service.

Many rural areas in the UK are still limited to slow and even unusable dial up internet because broadband is not available. Private companies will not lay the groundwork for this advance because it is not economically viable. With about one third of the UK falling under this category, the government will be stepping in to correct the situation. The BBC will be donating over half of the £530 million needed to complete the project.

Government help is not the only way for frustrated UK communities to get the high speed internet that modern life demands. Some locales, such as Alston Moor in Cumbria, have pooled funds to create their own broadband network. In the case of Alston Moor, the residents paid for the installation of fibre optic cables and a mast to help them connect to the Telewest network in nearby Newcastle.  This got them on the net, a goal that many communities in the UK share.

What does this mean for small businesses in the UK? First, internet marketing and presence are more important than ever. If you are lacking a professionally designed website, there has never been a better time to get one. The same goes for your overall brand; with millions of people in the UK poised on the brink of accessing your business, you need to make sure you have a brand and logo design that will present your company in the best possible light.

Second, if you have not created an online component to your company, it is time to begin this project. Whatever the product or service that you are offering, there is likely a compatible one that could be sold on the internet. Bringing high speed internet to the one third of the UK that is currently lacking it will mean a quickly expanding internet customer base—customers that have not yet developed strong internet brand preferences. In other words, this is your chance to ‘get in on the ground floor’.

Last, as you expand your internet presence, you will likely find that there is an increased need to market yourself on the internet. A branding consultant can help you develop a marketing scheme that suits your budget while attracting the group of people who are your target customers.

As the business world changes, successful and smart business owners will be changing as well. As important as it is to change with the times, it is just as important to change in a way that is consistent with your company brand and attractive to your target audience. Don’t get left behind by digital technology; use this opportunity to see your business begin a new era of growth and prosperity.