International Year of Youth Begins with Strong Brand


The UN recently dedicated a year to helping youth all over the globe, which began on August 12. This year is intended to improve dialogue and mutual understanding between youth of different cultures as well as between adults and the young people around them. This may seem like a lofty goal, but the initiative has an entire year to work on it and a visual identity that will soon be internationally recognized.

Because this year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first International Year of Youth, it is important to draw attention to the event. The logo does a great job of this. Shaped into a friendly and inclusive circle—which ties into the UN as well as this is the shape of most of the organisation’s logos—the logo is colourful and bright to appeal to youth in the UK and all over the world. The writing is in a bold, commanding font that is nonetheless modern and youthful. The wording has been sized and arranged to fit neatly into a square shape, giving a balanced and finished feeling to the logo design.

Perhaps the most interest aspect of this logo design is the image. The circle is filled with brightly coloured speech bubbles, such as those seen in cartoons and comic books. The bubbles are sized to create a three dimensional feeling, as though the circle is really a sphere. The hues are fresh and youthful as well, and tie into the parent organisation further by including a liberal dose of the internationally recognized United Nations blue.

Will this logo design work for the International Year of Youth? Obviously this logo is youthful, with elements such as the colour scheme, the use of a popular cartoon element, and non-traditional spacing of letters, that will appeal to youth. These help it truly appear to represent the world’s young people. Moreover, the logo ties into the United Nations. Because it does not contain wording telling people that this is a United Nations event, it is more important that the UN blue and circular elements be prominently used. It is certainly not similar to any other logo design, which will help it stand out.

It is unknown how the activities of this year will affect the relationships between youth and adults as well as the feeling of connection between young people from different countries. However, this logo design is a good representative of a very lofty goal. It certainly will be a help and not a hindrance to have an attractive and appropriate visual identity that appeals to youth all over the world.

With the United Nations such a prominent and well recognised organisation, one expects them to have a logo design that is truly outstanding. Does this logo meet this standard? We think it stands a good chance of doing so. If you think your UK business or organisation needs a logo design that perfectly represents your goals, talk to a professional logo designer today.