Interactive Marketing Website Review


I have always maintained that design-oriented businesses must have the very best website designs on the market—but this is almost enough to make us take that back. Acsys Interactive is a company that specializes in creating interactive marketing. If I had to pick a field where website was even more important than it is for design, this would be it.

Website Reviewed: ACSYS Interactive

Website URL:

The logo is the basis for this website; although gray seems to be the main color, you can see the logo’s orange used as an accent color. This is a good choice because orange feels youthful and future-oriented while gray is official and business-like, creating a good sense of balance. The fonts used in the website tie into those used in the logo as well. While the website is great at branding, it also does a great job of explaining the field in which the business specializes while also showing a portfolio and otherwise selling the company’s services.

There are two (two!) navigation bars; one which refers to the work of the company, and one that specializes in the company itself. We are not always fans of this idea—more than one navigation bar can defeat the purpose entirely—but in this case it works well because the information is divided between the two in a logical way.

While the headers make sense, some of the information placed under them just doesn’t. For example, if you look under ‘Products’, you will see subheadings including ‘Recruit’ and ‘Taxonomy’. It ends up that these are names of products and services that the company offers. If you click on one, another navigation bar will appear on the left side with these products better organized into different categories. This brings up two questions: Shouldn’t a navigation bar with so many headings and subheadings take you immediately to wherever you need to go? Also, how many navigation bars does a single corporate website really need?

Although there were elements that we found puzzling, we thought that this website was overall well-designed and attractive. Here is how we ranked it:


5 stars. This website creates a very creative brand which will be complementary to the company. It is precisely the right blend of creative and corporate. We especially like the little icons and pictures throughout the website, which tie into the brand and explain different products and services.

Ease of use:

3 stars. The website has a navigation bar (or ten). Unfortunately, the feeling is not one of organization so much as information coming at you from every nook and cranny of the website. There has to be a way to fit all of the site into a single bar!


4 stars. There are ample social media links, but they are hidden at the bottom of very information-dense pages, where they are extremely unlikely to be found unless a visitor is actually looking for them. Placement is everything!


5 stars. The content is well-written and explains the business succinctly.


5 stars. This website is appropriate for its corporate market and attractive enough to show off a little of the company’s talent.

Overall: 4.4 out of 5 stars