What is Inbound Marketing?

A collection of inbound marketing articles and resources written and compiled by the experienced brand strategists at SpellBrand over the years. Inbound marketing is all about pulling your target audience to your brand rather than standing on the rooftops and screaming your brand’s virtues!

What Is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound Marketing Methodology is a new way of marketing that is the opposite of the traditional “push” or “interruption” based one. Instead of shouting at the top of your voice (and there by adding to the noise of the marketing world) and interrupting your customers to “make” them buy your service or product, your brand “attracts” your customers like a magnet and with out selling to them, your services or products are sought after and sales happen by themselves.

Sounds like an easy and obvious kind of marketing advice, right? You would be surprised how fundamental this shift it and how difficult it is to move from interruption based marketing to permission based marketing.

You can define Inbound Marketing as marketing with a magnet rather than a sledgehammer!

The slide deck above created by Hubspot gives you an overview of the Inbound Marketing methodology. At SpellBrand we have incorporated this IM into our own methodology called Brand Immersion Marketing™ which starts with emphasises brand building as part of the holistic approach that IM sorely misses.

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