In Game Advertising for Your Logo Design?


You can’t turn on the television, fire up your laptop, or even walk down a street without being bombarded with logo designs and marketing messages. Many people assume that our world is saturated with marketing, and that we have officially filled every possible space with ads. Sometimes it seems like the only option left is to elbow your way into traditional advertising venues and to hope that your logo design stands out in a very busy crowd. However, this may not be the case. Many advertisers are moving into a new and promising niche for logo and branding messages: video games.

In game advertising, or IGA, is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. However, not all of this is overt. Because no one wants to have their Halo 3 or Sims game interrupted by a commercial, much of the IGA field is subliminal. Corporate logos are kept in the background and are made so subtle that gamers may not even consciously register them. However, the companies paying to have their video games logo designs in these games are more than happy with a subliminal message. In many cases, these may be the most effective because the viewer is not aware. They merely associate the logo design or company with the fun they experience while playing their favorite game. This can add up to an immense increase in sales.

How popular is IGA? While it is present in almost every commercial video game, there is still plenty of room for growth. Industry watchers estimate that companies will be paying $1 billion per year for this form of marketing within just a few years. While the standard youth-oriented companies, such as Pepsi and Axe, are advertising on video games, unusual choices such as Barack Obama campaign materials are also common. With a wide range of people playing video games, there will likely be more and more brands that feel this is an effective use of their advertising dollars.

What can the average business learn from this shift in advertising behavior? While most of us cannot afford a million dollar campaign in a popular game, there are other nontraditional ways of using this strategy to your own benefit. The key is to link your name and logo design with fun and games. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways: by sponsoring local sports teams, being conspicuously present at local events, and by making fun a daily part of your business, for both customers and employees. Once you have a brand and a logo design that perfectly represent your company, you should be on the constant lookout for new ways of getting exposure.

There is one other valuable lesson that can be learned from IGA. The world is not as saturated with marketing as we think. In fact, there are so many opportunities for nontraditional advertising and logo design exposure that it is hard to imagine we could ever tap them all. Look around for ways of getting your brand and your logo design out into the public eye. They are out there just waiting.