Iconic Logos Vs Illustrative Logos


Iconic Logo Design Illustrative Logo Design Difference

There are 2 types of logo designs. Illustrative logos and Iconic logos. Read about the difference between illustrative and iconic logos.

Illustrative Logos

Illustrative logos are much more elaborate and harder to design. They are the best among all treatments. To establish a logo as a brand in a highly competitive market, an illustrative logo is the best solution.

Illustration in the logo goes beyond iconic representation and involves very clever and intricately detailed logo that would inspire awe in the audience. Elements of the illustrative logo can then be used in stationery and related promotional material to achieve branding. Enclosed emblem style logos can also be considered as illustrative logos.

Iconic Logos

An iconic treatment of a logo involves a simple and sometimes clever representation of an item associated with a product or service the company promotes. Incorporating a stylish and simple gavel in an auction company logo is a good example. Iconic logos do not have too much detail and border on being abstract logos. The designer’s expertise determines how clever the icon is. Read this article about memorable logo icons. Iconic logos usually tend to be minimalistic style logos or text based logos.

Mascot Designs

A mascot design is a character that is cartoonish. A lot of time and effort goes into creating a mascot including character development. This type of design project has to be quoted on a per case basis because the cost varies with the scope of the requirement.