Hyundai Genesis Logo a Bentley Look-alike

Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Co. is going after the upscale market next year with its new V8-powered, six-speed auto transmission, and full-size luxury sedan named Hyundai Genesis.

Edmunds Inside Line reports Hyundai has created a new logo design using a “black hexagonal shield framed by a pair of wings” to complement this new product. You might be familiar with this new logo design because it is very similar with the winged logo of another luxury car, Bentley.


However, you will not see this new logo design in the U.S. market because it will be exclusively used in Korean and Chinese markets only. I’m pretty sure Bentley will not like this new design and a cease and desist letter will likely land on Hyundai’s desk should they opt to use this.

Then again, do you think Hyundai should have created a more unique logo for Genesis? Looking like a Bentley knockoff is not a good way to enter the upscale market.

While the plan is to market this luxury sedan to Asian markets, I think they should have considered the global impact of its new logo. From a branding perspective, using the same logo in different countries will help increase global awareness and image.