How to Make Your Logo Design Reflect the True You


A businessperson needs to reach to his/her customers. As a seller, you have certain messages – about the uniqueness of what you offer – to convey to your customers.

The success of your business depends on the power of your message. To be powerful, your message should be convincing and be able to persuade the customers to turn to your product or service.

In present day business scenario, the success is not determined by the high standard or quality of your product alone. The success will be aptly determined by how well your advertising message has been able to build confidence in your customers. A good message is able to clear all concerns of the customers even before they have been asked! The company LOGO DESIGN is meant to send across this vital message about your business to your customers.

Thus, it is the company logo that tells the world about the person that is “you”. It reflects “your” business philosophy, “your” business goal and more importantly the degree of “your” commitment to your customers. Thus the logo becomes the corporate representation of the brain behind your business – that is “you”.

In the corporate world, the customers don’t know the real you, but your brand and it is the logo that helps recognize the brand. At some point of your business, “you” will be identified by your logo. Thus your business logo eventually becomes synonymous with your image.

A powerful logo helps establish a strong corporate identity. On the other hand, a nonspecific logo might fail to ascertain this identity or build up a brand value. A powerful logo acts as a visual stimulation for your customers whenever they think of buying in the line of your services or products. This is a logo that perfectly represents your message of reliability in visual form and compels your customer to think about you.

If you want your logo to represent your business goals perfectly you have to appoint a professional designer who knows how to create the visual impact to grab the attention of the targeted customers. He knows best how to create balance between color, shapes and lines to represent different business.

The use of these three basic elements of logo – color, shape and lines – in right proportion is important. To identify a particular business, the designers use different elements in varied proportion in different logos. As for example, if your company sells creative concepts the logo should consist of flowing lines, vibrant colors etc. On the other hand, the subtle lines and sharp, geometric shapes may be used to underline the clear-cut nature of a software company. Thus a well designed logo is meant to visually express the positive attributes of your business.

To sum it up: to reflect the true “you” through a logo emphasize on the following points:
* Articulate on the message that you want to communicate about your company.
* Focus on the attributes that make it unique vis a vis your competitors.
* Take into consideration your targeted customers.

Put these elements together to create the perfect logo that becomes a recognizable symbol of “your” corporate identity.