How to design a blog logo design

By Mash Bonigala

When designing a logo for the blogging community it was important to understand that for the most part a blog is content driven. Because of the type based nature of a blog web site it can be very difficult to grab a readers attention and interest. The blogging community has sush as large number of competing writers that having a solid logo can help grab the interest of a potential reader and lead them into the content creating potential blog subscribers.

This particular client runs a blog that publishes blogging tips, technological news, and computer and internet directed content. The client came to us with the hopes of recreating the brand identity for QUICK ONLINE TIPS and help draw in new readers with a fresh, new look. With no specific direction we came up with distinct concepts that fit with the type of look and style that could help bring in readers.

For the first concept we took the theme of “quick” and create a theme based on the concept of time. Using very detailed gradients a realistic pocket watch was created. In order to create the high gloss look of the silver on the watch a high contrast gradient from black to white was utilizsed. To get the beveled look where the glass meets the silver, two gradients moving in opposing directions create a sharp change in form which gives the illusion of an edge. For the glass, the illusion of transparency was created by softening the color of the watch face from black numbers and elements to a light grey. This creates the feeling of a light reflection bluring the image below the glass.

The overall design of the concept follows the horizontal layout of the web site. The high impact image of the watch helps lead the eye up and across to the name. The completed look conveys a very modern and professional look which helps reflect the content in the blog.

For the second concept, the inspiration of time, quickness, motion and energy were utilized in a semi-abstract design which also symbolizes the initial “Q”. Using the initial as the imagery for the design gives the icon element a specific and unique relation to the name. The addition of the sweeping lines and arrow helped to give the inital extra meaning and context. The use of gradients further enhances the image creating a 3D polished look for a communication logo design. Using gradient in opposing direction creates a high-gloss beveled effect that adds a nice sharpness to the image.

The clean and modern look of the graphics portion of the design blends nicely with the modern squared text. Placing the text onto 2 lines and bolding the word “QUICK” creates a focus on the idea that this blog is placed to come for the most up to date news and tips.

For the last concept, a softer and generally more inviting sample was created. Using a combination of bright high-gloss colors and a friendly bold text, this concept was designed to invoke a sense of warmth and belonging. The image utilized in this design is a combination of standard “pixel” pointer arrow and a glassy button. The imagery is very recognizable to avid computer users and developers and creates the idea that all of the information, tips, and news they need is just one click away. To achieve the high gloss look and the sense of depth, gradients were placed in a manner that would optimize the sense of light and shadow. This creates a more realistic look for what would normally be a very flat and ordinary computer element.

By creating a design that has an element of fun and whimsy while keeping the overall imagery relevant to the industry, the feeling of excitement and interest can be utilized to its maximum potential. Bright colors and a high impact design can really help to distinguish a page full of type from its competitors.

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UPDATE: Here is the black and white version of the logo for faxes, photocopying etc.