Free Webinar: How To Attract Customers With Facebook

Watch FREE webinar on how to attract customers on Facebook by Brand Strategist Mash Bonigala.

Believe it or not, Facebook isn’t just for cat photos, news articles, selfies, and ads. Businesses like yours can actually generate customers from Facebook – as long as you’re using the right approach.

In this webinar, our Founder & CEO, Mash Bonigala, a certified Inbound Marketing Specialist and an experienced social media expert talks you through the fundamentals of leveraging your Facebook business page and turning it into a major marketing channel for your business.

With proper planning and care, your Facebook business page can become an awesome lead generating tool for your business. Consistency, feeling the pulse of your audience and engagement are the key pillars of a successful Facebook campaign.

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Mash Bonigala

Mash is a Brand Differentiator & Strategist, Film Maker, Traveller, Author and Zen Practitioner. He loves mindfulness, branding, online marketing and startup business challenges. Mash is also the Founder & CEO of SpellBrand.