Honda Launches Customised Magazine for Customers


In a world where one size doesn’t quite fit all, making customers feel personally valued can be quite a trial. This has turned into a challenge for companies wanting to maintain customer loyalty and expand their base. Honda, which has long published a customer magazine in the UK, has launched a customised version to personalise this interaction with their customer base.

How will Honda accomplish this all-important task? As of this issue, UK dealerships can develop a four to six page cover section, choosing images to suit the tastes of their local areas while also adding their own local news and even a welcome letter written by the dealer. Dealers can also select regionalised back cover advertisements. The first customised issue was printed and distributed in July, so it is still too early to tell how successful this will be. However, it is easy to predict that customers will prefer this customised magazine over a more generic one. In fact, Honda is considering offering a similar periodical at regular intervals over the next year.

Publications are an excellent venue for increasing a company’s exposure. Not only does it remove the possibility of competing brands advertising in the same space, it allows businesses to communicate a message in more than the limited space that traditional ads are allowed. It also allows businesses to present their brand not just as a product, but as a part of an overall lifestyle.

What will this do for the Honda brand in the UK? First, it will make their magazine more relevant and thus increase the chances that customers will actually read it. This will certainly improve Honda’s exposure in this key market. Second, it will make this company, which is nothing if not global, feel a little more local. With many people in the UK focused on using local services where possible, this is a key impression for any business to create.

If you are looking to get the same results for your company but can’t afford to go into the magazine publishing business, there are options. First, it is important to have a professionally crafted brand with a logo design and other visual elements. As Honda has one of the most recognized logos in their field, they have certainly obeyed this rule. Second, look for ways of extending your customer’s positive experience with your company beyond their actual transaction. This will help them perceive your company not as a storefront, but as a way of life. Last, try to get your company name and logo design into publications. People have a tendency to lend extra credibility to the printed word. When we read newspapers and magazines, we assume that the information is for the most part correct and complete. You can give your advertisements the same feeling of integrity by interacting with local publications.

With huge marketing budgets and entire teams of branding consultants, large corporations tend to set the pace for innovative branding techniques. However, you can get the same positive results on a smaller scale. Talk to a branding and logo design expert today to see how.