Hi-Tech Logo Designs – Simple Yet Strong Statement of Style

By Mash Bonigala

The recent trend in the consumer psyche is that: they developed a tendency of judging the product quality on the basis of the quality of the advertisement. In other words, the consumers’ decisions are largely influenced by how well the company has been able to advertise the product.

And at the center of every advertising campaign are the company logos. Logos give a product a larger recognition. You need just a glimpse of the whole or part of the logo to know that it is your favorite product and here lies the strength of a logo it makes any product or company instantly recognizable across the world.

Just like we dress up differently for different occasions, different kinds of logos are generated for different industries. Just like it looks odd to show up in the office in a Bermuda and custom sleeveless T-shirt design, it looks ridiculous to design a software company logo with the fonts used in say in Disney’s logo.

The logos must fit into their industry-specific personality. As for hi-tech logos, mostly used in the IT and electronics industry, they must be chic enough to represent the dynamic character of the industry, at the same time conservative enough to create the image of a performance-oriented serious player.

How to combine these apparently contradictory elements? Let’s look at some of the world’s most adored hi tech logo designs to see how they fulfilled this task.

IBM, Microsoft, Sony, Philips, LG, Canon – all these logos have one thing in common. All of them display company names in distinct writing style. Despite their simplicity and same design approach, all of them are markedly different from each other to create a separate identity for their respective companies.

Each logo has a personality of its own and this is the result of research and a great deal of creative brainstorming.

All these logos have apparently ordinary typeface, but they are assembled in a way, that they stand out as unique in the world. The IBM’s famous stripes, the nick in the “o” in Microsoft logo, the unique C and slightly angular looks of A and O in Canon logo—-all these set these simple logos apart from the others. It is these twists that make them easily recognizable.

One of the biggest qualities of these hi-tech logos is: they come with an air of timelessness. They point out the difference between style and fashion. Fashion is created to be replaced by another wave of a trend, but an inimitable style is never overshadowed by any fashion trend. The hi-tech logos have a distinct style of their own and that is why they have a classic flavor about them.

This is where the hi-tech logos sparks off the interest of a serious learner in the field of logo designing.