Helping Others a Key Part of Many UK Brands


What could be more attractive than caring about others? For many UK brands, partnering with charities offers not just more media exposure, but also shows customers that they are supporting a company that cares about more than profits. In addition, events can be designed to bring in new customers and get more people to give one’s products a first try. There is really no drawback to having your brand and logo design associated with benevolent acts, especially if your charity partnership is carefully chosen to help build your company brand. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for supporting charity organizations in a way that promotes your own brand, you need look no further! Here are a few of the charity events we are seeing in UK restaurants all over the country.

  • Burgers for Men’s Health? Few of us associate men’s health with hamburgers, but visitors to popular burger chain Byron just might begin to do so. In a partnership with Movember, a charity focusing on supporting men’s health, Byron will offer a Mo-Burger that contains a healthy boost of antioxidants from beetroot. This special will run through November in every Byron restaurant. As the charity is encouraging men to grow a moustache to raise awareness this November, customers with a moustache who have raised at least twenty-five pounds for the charity will be entitled to a free burger during select days and times. There has never been a better time to try a moustache!
  • Fishing for Donations. On September 24, you can pop into any Fishy Fishy Seafood Brasserie in Poole and Brighton and support UK fishing communities with a special fish & chips dish. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Seafarers UK, which helps fisherman and fishing communities that suffer from the disability and poverty that plagues the profession. If you have been avoiding this favourite dish for health reasons, you now have a perfect excuse to indulge a little.
  • Exclusive Feast Supports The Loft Project. If hamburgers and fried fish aren’t your cup of tea, there are upscale charity food events as well. Mark Best from world famous Sydney restaurant Marque is hosting a degustation dinner for just twelve guests. The courses will feature favourites from the Australian restaurant made with local and seasonal foods from around London. The price tag may be high, but the meal and company are sure to be worth the cost while also supporting charity.

If you look at these charity partnerships, it is clear that they were carefully chosen to help build both brands. For instance, it makes good sense for a fish & chip shop to support a fishing charity, while a healthy hamburger could be seen as related to men’s health. It’s important to show that you care in a way that builds your brand and doesn’t come across as random. If you want to make charity or other acts of giving a part of your brand but aren’t sure how to proceed, consult a branding expert today.