Heineken Unifies Brand under Single Logo Design


How important is branding? Important enough for an industry leader to completely overhaul a large portion of its packaging to create a more recognizable and customer friendly brand. That’s exactly what well-known beer brand Heineken intends to do in the coming new year.

If you have spent a lot of time looking at the packaging for European beer brand Heineken, you have likely noticed that the company’s labeling is not exactly consistent. Most noticeably, the bottles and the cans look very different from each other, with a different version of the internationally recognized logo design on each. However, the company recently announced that it will be rectifying this situation in 2011. The bottle has been redesigned to look more like the can, which is already more like the official logo used in websites, advertising, and literature. Heineken hopes that their efforts will be paid off with a stronger and more recognizable overall brand identity. This in turn will lead to a more memorable and consistent experience for the beer’s consumers.

The new packaging has not been released, but you will be seeing it soon, although exactly how soon depends on your region. If you are in select areas of the world, you may not get to see the new beer bottle for many months to come. Heineken plans to introduce the new bottle design first in Western Europe and then to the rest of the world, with a global deadline of 2012.

Beverage consumers are becoming increasingly brand loyal, which means that beverage logo designs and brands must be more appealing than ever. Package Design details can be an important part of a brand because they provide a visual representation of the company that consumers relate to whenever they see the brand. A beer consumer sees their favorite logo design every time they pull out a cold beverage, which means that they will likely notice the details even if on a solely subconscious level.

Heineken hopes that their consumers will see the logo design as more ‘modern, appealing, and innovative’ than its predecessor. According to the global design and concept manager, customer response has already been overwhelmingly positive, with most Heineken customers appreciating the change. Heineken is seen in the United States as a more classy beer than many of its domestic competitors, so cultivating this image is crucial to success.

However, changes in a company’s logo design are not always viewed positively. Many major brands redesign only to find that their customers reject the new logo. This was the case for Urban Outfitters and, in a well-known example, the Gap. Changes must be introduced carefully in order to woo new customers without alienating the existing consumer base. The positive response to Heineken’s new packaging indicates that their rebranding may go smoothly.

If you are wondering whether a changing in logo design, brand, or packaging is right for your company, you should discuss your concerns with a professional logo designer or branding consultant. The design process is one that should never be embarked upon without the help of professionals.