Health & Fitness Logo Design

All health care and fitness businesses must have professional branding

Health & Fitness Logo Design

There was a time when physicians and other medical professionals did not think about branding and logo design or Health Logos. They did their job to the best of their ability and let their work speak for itself. Now, however, these practices must be run with best business practices, including a focus on public relations and branding. This means that all care businesses must have professional branding. However, branding is very different from other types of branding. There are several unique elements that make identities successful.

1. Related Symbols. People should be able to know from sight what business your logo is representing. This is not as difficult as it sounds; unlike most other fields, medicine has several recognizable symbols. Popular traditional designs include a caduceus or a solid cross. Because these are so popular, many businesses choose logos with mess common symbols such as stethoscopes or a white coat. Whatever symbol you choose, make sure it is unambiguously related to medicine. People trust doctors, so take advantage of this trust by including a common emblem in your professional care brand.

2. Clean Lines. Medicine is a field known for cleanliness and clarity. These are the two key elements on which no patient will compromise. As such, designs that communicate these values will get a better reception than ones that are overcrowded or complicated. Keep it simple and clean by using plain lines and sticking to only one or two colors. As a benefit, less complicated logos (as seen in many Alaskan clinics) are also easier to recognize and remember, allowing you to use your identity to build a brand.

3. Friendliness. There was a time when doctors were expected to be aloof and impersonal. Now, however, people expect medical personnel to be approachable and caring. Logos that can portray this key value will seem more inviting to the modern patient. Your brand will seem friendlier if it includes symbols of friendship, such as a heart. If this does not work well with your identity, you can achieve a similar effect by rounding hard edges to create a more inclusive appearance.

Once the medical business has a professional identity, your next step should be to make sure it is attached to everything the practice does. Designs should be on all signs and prominently displayed in waiting areas. Every piece of paper in your office, from prescription pads to appointment cards, should be imprinted with the design. Doctors in your practice can even wear coats with the brand printed or embroidered on the front. This is how brands are built.

Are you trying to build a practice or other business but feel like you are stuck in a rut? Branding may make all the difference between success and mediocrity.

Fitness Logo Design

Fitness related companies, personal trainers, gyms and equipment businesses traditionally have had simple text based logos. Then in the 80’s when fitness and bodybuilding became the craze (you could probably attribute this surge in popularity to Arnold Schwarzenegger) and gyms popped up all over the states. Along with these gyms came the accessory companies and apparel shops. This led to an awareness of the need for branding and differentiation.

At the moment, branding is at its peak with in your face marketing due to the highly competitive nature of the business. With a gym around every corner, personal trainers by the millions, alternative practices such as Yoga, it is hard for a company to position itself in the market. However, having a well thought and powerful logo would be a great start.

The main aspect of this industry is the need for self improvement and long term investment in one’s health. This means that the logos and branding have to really be personal and touch the potential target market. It is not a product but rather a service and hence the personality of the company has to shine through.

The next time your target market’s kid needs new cleats or new shin guards, they will remember your logos and see what you have to offer them. Advertising, logo design and branding only works if you are able to target the correct audience. If you are a fitness related business, you will want to insure that your logos is in every high school stadium, gym, parking lot or cafeteria of your town.

Kids that play high school sports will remember your logo and will be able to highly influence their parents on where they want to buy their next piece of personal equipment. If you are able to provide them with an excellent product or service, then your business will only continue to grow.

Schools and booster clubs are constantly looking for businesses that can sponsor them and give them donations. They will be able to insure that your logo is plastered on every wall, every t-shirt and every kid that plays sports in town.