Green Branding in the UK


Green branding and green business are huge in the UK right now. As we have seen in the past few years, businesses that don’t take care to protect the environment can count on losing customers. The UK market is demanding that their businesses attempt to care for the planet and the people who must share it in a variety of ways—local sourcing, recycling, lowering energy consumption, etc.

However, all the green practices in the world won’t do anything to help a business succeed if it doesn’t have a green brand. A green UK brand and logo design show consumers in an effective, visual way that your company is as dedicated to the environment as they are. This brings up an important question: how can your UK business promote an authentically green brand? Here are a few answers.

Adopt a green logo design.

One way of accomplishing this is by using environmentally related colours and images. However, this doesn’t mean that your logo must actually be green in colour; blue, brown, and other natural colours can portray the same idea without the cliché. You don’t have to use a logo design with a globe or a solar panel, either. Even a round shape in your logo image can represent the globe without being obvious. Talk to a logo designer about how your logo can be modified to give the right message for your audience in a subtle and professional manner.

Cut back on packaging.

Unnecessary or excessive packaging is not only extra waste for your consumers to dispose of; it is also a waste of energy and money. Look at ways to streamline packaging. Your customers will notice.

Think through your processes.

How do you source your items? Are there local, free trade, or otherwise greener ways? Make changes that reduce your impact on the Earth and be sure to communicate these changes to your customers and your community.

Reach out to the media.

You have probably noticed that television, newspapers, internet and other media like to cover stories about people and businesses that are taking steps to help the environment. This can be very valuable and very trusted sources, so make sure you put out a press release when you make environmentally friendly changes.

Walk the walk.

The greenest brand and logo design will be useless, or even seen as dishonest if your business is not actually taking steps to make its footprint a little less substantial. Consider the case of BP. Does their green logo design and green marketing mean anything to people who witnessed the horror of last year’s catastrophe in the Gulf? This is an example of what not to do. While BP might be able to bounce back, few businesses in the UK could manage such a disaster.

The Direct Marketing Association of the UK has taken steps to deal with the issue of green marketing, asking businesses to avoid “green-washing” by ensuring that their green claims can be backed up by their actual policies and actions. This is not just a good idea for your business, but for the globe as well.