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Web Design logos and graphic design logos offer flexibility to your website. They can be in a variety of formats including flash logos and other interactive medias. Anything that is interactive on a website will tend to draw your consumers back as people enjoy being able to interact with something on the Internet.

Your logo can move, flash, change colors and more. They are very unique and will add a new dimension to your website. Graphic design logos may also be a more affordable depending on how complicated you want them. A simple web design logo is easy for a graphic artist and you generally only need the design in one or two different file formats since the file is strictly for use on the Internet.

Professional graphic designers are also able to design web design logos that are friendly to Internet browsers. There is nothing worse than going to a website and waiting for the graphics to load. A graphic designer will help you to compress your graphic logos and other images so that they are browser friendly. Pictures that have large file sizes are not easy to load and can be a hassle for the web designer and user.

A web logo can also add a new element to your promotional products mix. If you are a business that functions outside of the Internet but you have a website you will benefit from the added functionality of your logo. You may have your existing sketch into a web design logo by a graphic artist. You will have the option of upgrading your Web logos and making it more attractive for use on the Internet.

Branding for a website should always incorporate the “dot com” part of the website name. If you are a business that is only online it is important that you stress the fact that you are an online only business. A business that exists outside of the Internet may use the “dot com” to emphasise that your services are available online and in real life. Most logos will incorporate this factor and it can be used very creatively.

Client Name: Darkpony Creative Studio
Logo Category: Graphic Design Logos
Logo Type: Iconic Logos

Project Summary:
Innovative Web Solutions (Web Development, E-commerce, SEO, Web Applications etc.)

Target Market:
Industry (small to very large companies), Higher Education, Individuals and Public Sector.

Design Review:
As the name suggests, the client wanted an abstract looking, iconic and free flowing symbol of a pony, and that is what we provided him with. The icon is very brandable, and can standalone and still be recognised. We had to be careful not to create an association to equestrienne related services. To that end we made a free flowing icon of the pony with a hint of fire in it’s mane to indicate creativity and passion. The elements of the icon can then be used for various branding aspects such as on the website design, as watermark on the stationery design, on the brochure designs and other marketing materials.

The design also incorporates a bulls eye icon in the “O” of Pony to indicate that this company hits the mark when it comes to delivering design solutions to their customers. The client also suggested that the inspiration of the company name came from the “Dark Horse” phrase, which means “Someone who emerges to prominence; being previously little known”.

Creating animal and pets based logos is always challenging. Especially when the logo designer tries to create some thing unique and focused on the target market. Our logo designers take inspiration from reference photos and other context sensitive marketing information available online.


Client Name: Think Tank Productions
Client Location: Palm harbor, Florida 34683

Project Summary:
The client is involved in multiple disciplines of multimedia. The client gave us the creative freedom on this project, but did not want us to use “tanks”. The idea we came up with, depicts the idea bulb with the glowing filament made up of a thinking cloud. Creative thinking is at the core of the brightest ideas.

Target Market:
They work with small businesses who need graphic design, web design and SEO services.

Design Review:
The client wanted a simple yet powerful idea to represent what they do and their core skill set. The client was all about ideas. Ideas for their customers and the implementation of those ideas in terms of design.

We created a number of logo concepts for this client which included clouds, thought bubbles, rays and more. The client liked the light bulb and cloud concept.

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