Google Products Is Changing… Are You?


If you are not using Google Products to drive sales to your ecommerce website, you are missing out on an opportunity. This program, formerly known as Froogle, allows you to list products and services that will then come up when a user searches Google Products for them. Because more and more people are using Google Products to look for specific items, it is a great way to drive potential and very relevant customers to your website. It was a very straightforward program… that is, until recently.

Google products are always changing and now Google Products is changing as well. These are not just stylistic changes, but rather changes to the way that the program actually works, as well as changes to the type of information you can add to your product listings. This will come as a surprise to the many people who use the program because, unlike other Google programs, Google Products has remained fundamentally the same over most of its existence. You could enter a select amount of data into the data feed, and that was it. There was not a lot of ways to improve your rank or market to a specific category.

However, Google Products is making major changes for the first time. Learning about these changes and modifying the way you use Google Products can put your ahead of the pack. Here are your new challenges in using Google Products:

  • Multiple forms of categorization. The first major change is that you now will have to organize your products in two different ways, using both your own category (how you organize it on your own website) and Google’s category as well. This will provide users with multiple ways of finding a given item. It will also allow them to narrow their search so much that they are much more likely to buy once they find what they need. 
  • New data possibilities. You can also add new forms of data, including the age group, color, size and more. You can even tell your customers what material the item in question is made of. This will make it easier for people to comparison shop and find exactly what they need, which ultimately leads to better quality traffic. 
  • More comprehensive buying information. In addition to the price of the item, you can now add tax and shipping information, which is important to many shoppers. Some people are wary of making an order without knowing how many extra charges they will pay; this makes it easy for them to make the commitment of buying from your website. 

Upgrading your Google Products data is not mandatory, but it is a great way to increase your ecommerce website sales without spending any money. Having listings on Google Products will increase your exposure and your sales; updating them to give as much information as possible will add to this effect almost exponentially. You can bet that your competition is already developing a plan to maximize the new features of Google Products… don’t get left behind!