Google Logo Gets Interactive

By Mash Bonigala

Google must have one of the most versatile logos on the globe. Seriously, it seems that every week we are writing about something amazing. From John Lennon tribute logos to designs created out of colorful bacteria, we thought we had seen it all. A few days ago, however, Google rolled out a logo design that you can control with your mobile phone.

The logo design was inspired by Jules Verne and featured a Google logo made from submarine windows. Viewers who had an iOS mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or an iTouch, could use their phone to control their views and look around inside the clear synthetic ocean. Interestingly, the feature did not work with Google’s own Android phones.

If you have an older phone or a newer Droid, you could still explore the gyroscopic picture by using a conveniently located joystick to the right of the search bar.

Unfortunately, special edition Google logos only last for a day, so it is no longer possible for you to get your very own ocean view. Nonetheless, it is a striking example of how collaborative modern technology can be. Apple has created their latest round of mobiles with gyroscopic support that allows users to view different parts of a picture by simply moving the device. This logo design was not just a celebration of Jules Verne’s work; it was an exhibition of this new Apple feature as well as a show of Google’s programming prowess.

Google is clearly ready for new advances in technology and ready to maximize their use in building the already huge Google brand. Can your business say the same? If not, it is time to take that crucial step into the future.

Marketing and branding are not what they used to be. There was a time when even having a website made you a ‘modern’ company, but new technologies demand so much more. Social networking, fully featured websites, and even useful smartphone apps are all a necessity in the modern business world.

When it comes to your customers, the golden rule is: the more interactive the better. Consider how popular this one day celebration of Jules Verne was. Not only does it show that Google is still a technological leader, it encourages viewers to try out one of Apple’s more interesting new technologies. Both brands were benefited while consumers were able to have fun with a cool ‘toy’. People should be able to get to know your brand and interact with it through the media that they use every day.

While many people are confused by the new technology, it is a fact of life that must be dealt with. Using the latest technology in your marketing doesn’t just reach out to customers; it shows them that you are an intelligent and clever business owner. You don’t have to be a technological expert to use technology in marketing, however. There are many qualified, trained consultants that will happy to do the heavy lifting for you.