Google Gets a New Addition


Google is a great example of branding success—or is it? The simple and even childlike logos of this computer giant have many in the logo design world wondering if they are being purposely childish or if they are letting software developers design their logos. Whoever is designing their logos, they always seem to work well—and work well as a part of the Google brand as well.

The logo design for Google TV is no exception when it comes to being an identifiable part of the Google brand. Google TV was announced last May and has seen nothing but hype since then. Google can’tstop talking about it and neither can excited techies and television nerds. Internet and television in one? Google brand fans are waiting for the best of both entertainment worlds. However, Google TV’s logo design will need to impress more than just fans. It will need to present a compelling brand that will make people want to pay more to combine two services they already have—television and internet.

The logo features a familiar Google color palette—no surprises there! These colors are used to draw the form of a classic television with old fashioned rabbit ears. Inside the television screen are nine squares that, we are assuming, represent the different delights we will see on our television screen once we have outfitted it with Google’s latest product. Underneath is the Google name in a distinctive font—again, no surprises. This Google logo looks very similar to the other Google logos while maintaining symbols associated with its industry.

So we have a logo that is exactly what one would expect . Where is the problem? First, no one has a television that looks like that anymore. If Google is trying to suggest the latest television technology, then rabbit ears are hardly the answer. And what are the squares inside supposed to represent? They don’t look like either television programming or an internet page. Perhaps they are merely a way to incorporate Google’s well known color scheme… which brings us to the next issue.

Google has become, well, predictable. While we applaud their efforts to keep all of their products under one distinctive umbrella, this logo looks like a child could have designed it. Although Google is known for a somewhat simple, childlike visual identity, this latest logo design seems to take the motif a little too far.

Can a product that is supposed to be the future of both television and the internet be represented by a logo that is a throwback to the past? Even Google may not be able to make this logo design work. It may be time for the well known business to put away childish things and settle into a new and more grownup identity. Everyone has to grow up sometime, and this search engine is no example. While their lack of sophistication was once part of their charm, the juvenile image seems to be wearing thin.