Good Cheap Wine List Website


If there is anything better than good wine, it’s good cheap wine. In fact, for many people in the current economy, cheap wine is the only wine available. If you can make a website with a list of good wines available for cut-rate prices, you stand a good chance of getting hits. This is the idea behind the Good Cheap Wine List.

A concept like this doesn’t need a lot of embellishment; in fact, a rather simple, straightforward brand is actually best. A plain gray color palette with simple cursive writing allows the colors and shapes of the bottles to take center stage. When you move your mouse over a bottle, information about the bottle appears including the type of wine, the origin, the price and the ratings.

Website Reviewed:

If you are interested in more than a cheap bottle, this site can also be used to get a rudimentary education about wine. Under the heading ‘Wine Types’ you can see information about many types of wine, while the Wine Locator allows you to find the precise bottle that you are looking for. Because the list is updated every other Friday, you can always find new and interesting good cheap wines here. If you are looking for a certain type, try looking under categories or using the simple search function. This website is highly usable and informative, and we think it will soon gain a large following among wine snobs with diminishing credit limits. Here is our evaluation of the rest of the site:

Creativity: 4 stars. We like the way information pops up when you move your mouse over a wine, but this seems to be about it when it comes to creative design. However, a certain amount of creativity has gone into the aesthetics, which are ultra-simple but still attractive and appropriate for the topic.

Ease of use: 5 stars. It is very easy to use this site. Everything has been intuitively arranged and placed under logical headers. Further, the website has been designed so that your eye naturally goes to the most important parts of the page first, which makes it easy to find what you need quickly.

Functionality: 5 stars. The wine locator makes it easy to get the bottle that catches your fancy without too much trouble. There are also links to the website’s Facebook page.

Content: 4 stars. There are a few issues with the copy. Although it is for the most part well written, a few grammatical errors take away from the professional feeling of the site. Unfortunately, it only takes a mistake or two to completely ruin a sense of authority.

Appropriateness: 4 stars. The plain color palette and neutral theme are a good choice, the wine logo is nice, but in this case they may be a little too plain. Wine is a lifestyle product, so a few warmer touches would be an excellent addition.

Overall: 4.4 stars. This website offers exactly what it claims: good cheap wine. While there are a few improvements that could be made, it is overall a great site that many wine lovers will enjoy.