Glasgow 2014 Logo: An Image Worth the Price?


The new logo design for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was recently unveiled to a mixture of fanfare and harsh criticism. Because the 2014 games are the 20th held, this is indeed a momentous event for the UK. Indeed, there is a lot to love and perhaps a bit to dislike about this colorful image. Here are a few elements that we appreciate about this logo design, along with a few that we aren’t so thrilled with.

Use of Shape.

Circles are inclusive, which is appropriate for these games. The use of several circles nested within each other adds to the sense of unity. Using circles for a logo design representing a competitive event underscores the feeling that we are all really in it together.

Use of Colour.

The palette of this logo design may seem rather elementary, and there have been raised eyebrows at the lack of traditional ‘Union Jack’ colors. However, each has a meaning. The use of red in the outer ring gives a sense of strength, and the red, blue, and yellow are all part of the official Commonwealth Games Palette. The inner green represents the city, as Glasgow is Gaelic for ‘Dear Green Place’. While having a beautiful logo design is important, having a meaningful one is important as well.


Gill Sans is a UK classic and a great choice for font here. It shows that these games are part of our proud UK heritage.


Lack of Visual Harmony.

This logo design may be meaningful, but it is not really appealing. The rings are different sizes, which reduces the symmetry. While the ratios were purposely chosen to represent the number of days and sports, the result is unappealing.

Lack of Memorability.

Look at the logo design for a second and then look away. Can you remember it? We think most people won’t be able to recall more than the barest details. Once the games are over, this logo will be forgotten completely. Granted, by then it will have served its purpose, but a more memorable logo design would have better served the momentous occasion.

Lack of a Solid Centre.

This logo design might have been more harmonious and memorable had it had a solid center. The G could have been formed to be thicker, or the center could be solid green with a white G instead of the other way around. The logo design image seems to lack grounding.


Rumors are flying about the price of this logo, and all of the quotes place it at costing much more than it will likely be worth. Certainly one gets what one pays for… to a point.

Don’t think that this is a ‘bad’ logo simply because we (and others) have found issue with it. Often, the most effective logos are ones that inspire controversy. Whether this logo design was worth its price or not, it has certainly inspired lively debate and brought attention to these games, which can only be beneficial.