Getting Started With Designing Your New Logo


So, finally, you have decided that you need a logo for your company. Or perhaps you may have of late developed the feeling that the age-old logo of your concern needs a complete makeover. In either case, the setting up of a new custom design for your logo is what is called for.

You need to decide upon whether you wish to get an illustrative logo or an iconic or graphic logo or a font-based logo. While the illustrative logo provides an illustrative representation of the activities of your company an iconic or graphic logo includes a graphics or abstract representation of your company’s activities. A font-based logo, on the other hand, seeks to present a dynamic type treatment that is unique and special to your company.

A judicious decision needs to be taken by you on which of these logotypes is to be resorted to as the logo designed for your company. What you need to bear in mind for the purpose is that the particular products and services offered by the company and its projected image are well reflected in the design of the logo produced.

You also need to duly weigh the objectives of using the logo for some purpose in the future should while venturing to design it. This can be of importance in determining the technical setup of the logo design. Choices of color need also be considered at this point in time. The utilization of two spot color or four-color processes in design stand to create a substantial impact on any reproduction rates in the future. You need to find out ways of maximizing the possibilities of reproduction while not tampering with the logo dynamics.

It is important to get started rightly with your new logo. Be careful. Avoid making use of the following shortcuts:

* Clip art images – This may either not be licensed or even if it is licensed other people may also likewise be making use of it.

* Logo templates – Anonymous templates galore are available and their authenticity and uniqueness are challengeable.

* Crowd contests – The genuineness and uniqueness of designs obtained via such contests are also questionable as they are also prone to the similar drawbacks.

Remember, you should never give in to the temptation of making use of such shortcuts. Initially, these may seem to be saving on time and/or money.

However, over time, you will get to realize that they actually achieve just the opposite and lead to much worry and frustration. As your company proceeds to become more high profile you will particularly get to notice this.