Getting Sosh-al

By Mash Bonigala

France Telecom is not a popular mobile carrier in the UK for obvious reasons—as the name suggests, the company is limited to French markets. However, it is adopting a new brand and marketing strategy that may be interesting to the many struggling UK mobile companies. The new brand will be called “Sosh,” a shortened version of social, socialize and other related words.

Sosh will target mainly young consumers, specifically people who are ages 18-35 and active in social media. The logo design has a tilted blue rectangle with the brand name written in thick, rounded letters. It is a simple design, but it feels youthful and appealing. Moreover, in the mobile company’s advertising the rectangle is filled with other colours, or even with patterns and pictures. It is very versatile, which will be important in the youthful market.

The mobile company is set up in a way that will appeal to the younger market. First, the monthly cost is much lower than average. Sosh can offer lower prices because all sales are performed online and the company does not subsidize phones as many carriers do. The brand has already launched a major social networking campaign including profiles on a variety of social media sites and ads showing young people being generally active while using their Sosh mobiles. In addition, the carrier is building a customer network that they all a “Soshiety” in a place on the company name.

Sosh was officially launched a few weeks ago, although it has had social networking sites going for at least a month. The launch of mobile service is slated for this October.

Sosh is paying attention to a few details about the younger market that many UK mobile carriers seem to have forgotten. First, no ad campaign aimed at the younger generation is complete without a large online component. This is a simple concept, but one that is unfortunately ignored by many companies—to their detriment. Second, visual elements such as logos that are designed for a younger market need to be flexible. It is important that you be able to update your brand as the market changes, and this one changes quickly. Otherwise, you may be forced to change your look every few years, which can be an expensive process.

Another consideration is that younger markets are often strapped for cash. They are already comfortable with performing many tasks on the internet, so Sosh’s business model of charging less for online-only services can be very successful among these audiences. The lack of a subsidy for telephones may prove to be an issue, however.

If you are marketing to a similar audience in the UK, then you may want to take a similar strategy. Even if Sosh’s exact methods will not work for your company, you should try to think outside the box when it comes to every aspect of your business, including logo design, marketing methods and business profit structure. Sometimes being different will make your company a refreshing alternative and help you to build a consumer base.