Get On Board with Google Plus


If you have been one of the last people to get on the Facebook bandwagon, you are not alone. Unfortunately, many ecommerce website owners have only just begun to leverage this powerful social networking site to their own advantage. However, there is already a new social media phenomenon on the horizon: Google Plus. Here is a short primer on this new social media website as well as a few reasons that it is going to leave Facebook in the dust.

What is Google Plus? 

Google Plus is the latest social media website to hit the net, and it has features that may make it an instant success. Check out my Gplus Page. One of the most interesting is that you can group users by ‘circles’ and post content that only certain circles have access to. This will solve the common Facebook Fail of posting half-naked photos only to get a scolding from your grandma, but it will also allow ecommerce websites to segment their fans and market specifically to different groups. There are also group chat features (called a Huddle) and Hangouts where you can chat with specific groups on a regular basis. 

What Does this Mean for Your Ecommerce Website?

The implications for ecommerce are obviously huge, but in general many people will be abandoning their current social networking fave for this new and fully featured option. This is likely where the crowds are going to be, which means it is a huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor. If your website has a brand that is focused on being relevant and modern, Google Plus is as relevant and modern as it gets. In addition, there will likely be a marketing option that is a hybrid of Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

Very little is known about Google Plus because it is still in its trial phases. However, because it is from Google, we can easily postulate that it is going to be the social networking wave of the future, and that it will be well-monetized

How Do Ecommerce Websites Get On Board?

If you are dying to get in on the action, you might be in for a disappointment. Because Google Plus is still in a trial period, you can only join if you are invited. If you have an invite, don’t waste it. However, for the rest of us, it is only a matter of time before it goes public and you can finally get your ecommerce website on board with Google Plus.

On more take away for the ecommerce website is the marketing principle behind Google Plus and so many other Google products: if you can’t join them, beat them. Google has a way of one-upping every competitor through taking their model and improving upon it. Google, after all, did not invent social networking or even the search engine for that matter. They are successful because they are quick to discover the next big need and to deliver products that are simply better than the competition. That is a business lesson that can benefit all of us.