Gambling on an Internet Business


Gambling on an Internet Business: Have you ever dreamed of leaving the morning commute for an internet business of your own? For many people, this is a daydream; for others it is a reality. Rob Mathieson, owner of, is making his dream a reality through branding and smart marketing.

Tipstar is basically a sports betting website, where people can find and even purchase tips to help them make more sensible and informed bets on their favourite matches. Mathieson came up with the idea because he enjoyed making bets as a hobby and could not find a website that catered to his interest. He had the idea to begin a site offering betting news and advice. He quickly found funding and developed a business name and a business plan. However, as every business owner knows, these steps, while difficult, were not even half of the battle.

Like all businesses, Tipstar needed a brand and a logo design; just as important, the business needed as much publicity as possible. The internet website design represents the brand perfectly. Red is a bold, eye-catching colour that makes people feel like acting spontaneously, an emotion that can certainly lend itself to making bets or purchasing information related to them.

The star that makes up the sole image refers to the name while also suggesting excellence. If you look closely at the star, the top edge is formed so it looks like an arrow pointing upward, which implies escalating profits and positive movement in general. This logo design was created to invite both eager and reluctant gamblers.

Marketing on a start-up budget has not been easy, but it has been successful so far thanks to prudent use of branding social or social media networking. The business finds free exposure and scores of fans on Myspace and Facebook, while Twitter posts keep customers up to date on both betting and the brand. The company regularly posts on sports betting websites to increase awareness of their site. These methods are all inexpensive or free, as well as highly effective means of getting one’s brand and logo design into the sight of relevant potential customers.

Even the company’s paid marketing has hardly been traditional. The most recent campaign involved paying beautiful young women to dress up as jockeys and promote the business at sporting events. Because this received national media attention, the effect was more than worth the cost.

The future of involves more growth and more creative marketing. The company is currently looking for ways to stream sports games through their site and is planning to develop an iPhone application that will allow customers to use Tipstar services from almost anywhere in the world.

Although tips on sports betting don’t seem like a viable niche for a business, this site is gaining popularity with sports fans and betting fans all over the UK. If you want to see your own brand reach niche markets in the same way, talking to a branding consultant or professional logo designer today about what kind of image will draw your target customer to your company.