Furor Builds After Video Game Logo is Leaked

By Mash Bonigala

If you think that getting a moment’s peak at a logo design for an upcoming video game is not a big deal, then you are obviously not a fan of the Resident Evil franchise. Fans of this game have been waiting eagerly for the newest release in the range, and now a glimpse at the Resident Evil 6 logo design suggests that the wait is almost over.

The video game logo was revealed in a closed conference at a Capcom press meetings at Comic Con, but it was leaked almost immediately.  The video which had the logo also had a date: September 15, 2011. This is a highly awaited game with millions of avid fans, so the information hit message boards literally seconds after it was released.

The new logo design appears to be a return to the full-on horror aspect of the original Resident Evil games. It features the name of the game in lower case letters with serifs, in a font similar to Times New Roman. The red color and the way that the letters are disintegrating, together with the fading behind the letters, gives a creepy feeling that is definitely frightening. The 6 is placed behind that, in gray letters that are also disintegrating.

This is a huge change for the franchise. The Resident Evil 5 logo design had the name of the game in capital letters with cracks coming out in the rock behind them. The letter is written in fire. While this is definitely a flaming, bold logo design, it nonetheless is not as scary and chilling as the new one.

Video game rumors have to be taken as what they are: rumor. However, this one has so many people reporting it that we are inclined to believe that it is true. Further, there are photographs that were taken during the press conference which seem to confirm the rumors. Gamers seem eager to believe the rumors and begin making places on their game rack for another package.

Video game logo design is an interesting field. The logo needs to represent the overall mood of the game, which in this case is a sense of horror and fear. The logo also needs to appeal to the target market. Considering the number of people blogging about just a glimpse at this logo design, we are guessing that the Resident Evil 6 logo design has accomplished this. Last, it needs to begin building a brand for the game. After all, the only way to build an acclaimed video game franchise such as Resident Evil is to begin with a logo design that appeals to the customer base.

You may think that video game logo design is very different from corporate logo design, and on an aesthetic level this is true. However, all logos must give the same attention to branding, marketing and the preferences of the customer base. Whether you are in need of a video game logo or any type at all, the needs are very similar.