Fun Ideas for Custom Business Cards

By Mash Bonigala

Are you eager to help your company set itself apart from the pack? Sometimes a well designed business card can show your innovativeness and even your superior sense of humor. Once you have acquired custom logos from a design agency, you can use those logos as part of one or more of these fun ideas for custom business card designs.

Unusual Backgrounds. If you want custom business cards and a proper stationery design that will get a second glance, you may enjoy choosing a nontraditional background color. Because so many companies choose to have their custom logos and contact information printed in dark colors on a light background, choosing to go light on dark can create a unique and modern look. There are even clear business cards that would get attention with the right ink colors. Talk to your design agency about how your choice in background and color palate can affect your corporate branding and the effectiveness of your custom business cards.

Deluxe Materials. Did you think your custom business cards had to be printed on cardstock? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are as many options as there are different media. You can have your custom business cards made of the same boring paper as your competitors, or you can choose new and exciting materials. Plastic business cards can be any color or even clear. Metal business cards are both noticeable and durable. There are even rubber business cards. If you have a material that you use regularly in your industry, it may be an appropriate background for your custom logo. Your design agency can work with you to find a custom business card that work.

Unusual Shapes. Are you too hip for the standard rectangle? You may be interested in having your custom business cards printed in the shape of a square, a circle, or another interesting shape. The octagon shape associated with stop signs can grab attention. You can even have a custom business card made in the shape of a wheel or other shape. These cards may cost more to design and have printed, but they grab attention in a way that no plain paper rectangle ever can.

Other Ideas. Some people have chosen custom business cards that are even more unique. There are cards made of layered plastic with fluid between the two layers to create a wave effect within the card. Cards made to be folded like origami into three dimensional shapes are also available. Whatever you can conceive of can likely be created into custom business cards.

A business card is not just supposed to be a portable means of exchanging contact information. Like your custom logo, it is supposed to communicate key information of your company and serve as part of your corporate branding strategy. A generic business card that is like every other will not do this work. In fact, it will likely be thrown away without a second glance or a second thought. If you want a business card that grab attention for a long life span, you need to use one of the above ideas to set yourself apart.

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