Free Vector Download Website Review

By Eva Alsis

Sometimes we see websites that are so close… and yet so far away. Free Vector Download is just one of those websites. It uses good principles of CSS web design to create a site where a large amount of information is logically organized and easily accessible, but it falls short in a few areas, especially design.

Website Reviewed: Free Vector Download
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First, the good parts: There are millions of vectors and designs on this website, but the company offers multiple ways to search them, including by the latest posted, the ones with the most downloads, and more. You can also do a good old-fashioned search if you are so inclined. Some of them look really good, and you can download them and call them yours in just a few clicks. It almost seems too good to be true. You can also submit designs to be offered for free—we aren’t sure how you would benefit from this, but apparently many, many people do so, judging from the number of designs available.

Now for the criticism: the header appears to be clip-art or some sort of stock image, and the writing of the website name is so plain and generic that our eyes scream for something a little more distinctive. The brand is just… bad, even nonexistent thanks to the generic elements used for the name and website design elements. The advertising is also a problem; it is overwhelming and placed along the right side in similar squares to those used for the vectors, which can cause some confusion as to what is an ad and what is an actual product.

In all, this website serves a valid purpose and uses CSS to do it. I hope they focus a little more on branding and logo design in the future, but their web design skills are certainly not in question.


3 stars. How much creativity does it take to use a stock header and a free font? Not much, and even so this header could have been better designed even with these elements—especially considering all the free vectors for sale here.

Ease of use:

5 stars. This is where the website shines. It is very easy to find everything that you need and to find it quickly. There are multiple ways of organizing information, which is important because every visitor comes with unique needs.


3 stars. There is some attention paid to the business end of things, but social media links and other elements are absent. It is as though the website owners live in a world where branding does not exist.


5 stars. The content is well-written, easy to understand, and explains the process well. It is a little sparse, but this is, after all, a graphics oriented website.


5 stars. This website is very appropriate for its purpose. Will people looking for vectors care that there is no Facebook or that the header is rubbish? Probably not.

Overall: 4.2 out of 5 stars