Four Stars for Central England Green Logo


Central England has many holiday destinations, but it is not known for great accommodations. Because of this, or perhaps in spite of it, more and more deluxe hotel and hospitality brands are opening in the area. With so many people visiting London for next year’s Olympic Games, why not entice them to leave the city and experience other parts of the UK? The Casa Hotel’s logo design is intended to create a brand that holiday-goers and tourists will find attractive and inviting.

Before we get into the specific elements that make up Chesterfield’s Casa Hotel brand and logo design, it is important to note that the hotel has one important attribute that sets it apart from the competition: an environmentally friendly focus that affects every aspect of operations. The four star hotel opened last winter, but received national attention when it was recently visited by the Chris Huhne, the UK’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, because it is a model of customer friendly and green hospitality.

Casa Hotel has been built to include many green technologies, some of which we don’t really understand (what on Earth is a high efficiency condensing boiler?) and some of which we are already familiar with, such as a recycling programmes and construction that takes advantage of natural light. The brand has exhausted every possible idea in green construction and management. Indeed, it is one of the greenest hospitality businesses in the UK, if not the greenest. In addition, it has a range of amenities and features that have led to a four star rating for the establishment.

The logo design is definitely congruent with many of the modern, upscale hotel brands that we see in the modern UK hospitality industry. It features the company name in purple lower case letters with official serifs. The marriage of the customer-friendly and the official is clearly shown in the wording. In addition, the logo includes a back-slash in three colours which refers to the three aspects of the business (hotel, conference centre, and restaurant). These colours tie into the overall brand and are even used in the decorations in the hotel.

The hotel logo design does not feel distinctively “green”, a flaw that may hurt them in the future. While the entire UK was watching this hospitality brand during and immediately after the Secretary’s visit, we forget easily. Having some sort of green logo design and brand would help the public to remember one of the main brand attributes of this hotel. This could be accomplished by having the colour green in the logo design itself, or else by using an image associated with low carbon living. This UK hotel logo design is very modern, but it doesn’t communicate the right ideas.

If you have a unique aspect of your brand, your logo needs to show this. You need to ensure that customers are aware of why your business is the best choice. Using branding and logo design to illustrate this difference is a key part of finding success in the modern economy.