Fosters Gets a Facelift and a Youthful New Look


Can a well recognized beer brand ever be made new again? UK favourite Fosters is certainly hoping so. The Australian brand is rebranding to appeal more to UK drinkers, with new livery and a new logo design.

The design features a bright blue and silver can, which offers a clean and refreshing look while tying into the liquid nature of the product. The familiar F from the old Foster’s logo is present, but it is enclosed within a circle. The red letter pulls in the eye, while the golden colour of the O is almost identical to that of the beer itself.

The point of this logo design is to give the Australian beer and its packaging a modern feeling while hinting at the quality of its brand. Below, the name of the beer is written in silver, in a shiny metallic hue. This blocky font is a little less traditional than the original while clearly being relevant to the brand. This name is written at an angle to give a feeling of change that will be attractive to a younger demographic. The shiny metallic silver ties into the colour of the can, creating a seamless feeling in the image. The new font seen below the can will likely replace the old one eventually.

This is part of a huge UK marketing push for this company. Foster’s is putting millions of pounds into promoting their UK brand. Improving the can and the logo to appeal more to a young British audience is only part of this. The brewer is also launching a series of television ads in a campaign titled “Good Call”, the third of which will come out this week. This features Australian celebrities Brad & Dan giving advice to young British men.

This campaign is meant to make Foster’s appear sunny and bright, a youthful and fun alternative in a market with hundreds of less interesting choices. Because many young adult products use a logo with simply an initial, the beer is clearly reaching out to a younger market. The television advertisements only underscore this impression.

Further, the metallic colours seen here are more youthful and modern as well. While there is some brand continuity, for instance in keeping the original font for the letter F, a new font and a new image for the brand is emerging slowly. This new can was released in some UK markets over the summer and will completely replace its predecessor by late fall. It comes at a time when the market in the UK is really heating up, with popular brand Miller set to release a new beer and a variety of other products set for unveiling. There even is a cider-caffeine blend for adventurous drinkers!

If you want to maintain your relevance in a similarly crowded market, your logo design and packaging are a key part of the equation. It’s essential that you reach out to your target audience in a graphic form, as Fosters is doing, and give customers a good reason to choose your brand every time.