Fort Collins Drops Flying Geese Logo

For 30 years, the city logo featuring geese flying over the mountain represents Fort Collins, Colorado (see Colorado Logo Design). Now, the city believes it’s time to have a branding makeover and embrace modernism, ironically before the start of migrating season.

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This change is essentially captured by the new logo design featuring a “curvy, abstract mountain shape in brown, connected to an equally abstract blue river-like swoosh.” It symbolizes the mountains and Poudre River. This new logo is also accompanied with a tagline “Where renewal is a way of life” (not seen on the image above) on all printed materials such as letterheads and uniforms.

The decision to drop the old logo came from a survey. Even though Fort Collins is known for being beautiful, charming and friendly, it is perceived simply as a college town since it’s the home of the esteemed Colorado State University. To make matters worse, it has a stained image of being anti-business and anti-growth.

Unlike other city logo makeovers, the transition in Fort Collins will be slow. According to the authorities, it will take up to 8 years to implement this change since they would like to consume all the current printed materials with the flying geese logo design.

On the other hand, some people do not see the value and cost of the new design very appropriate. Aside from being bland and indistinct, some questioned why the city spent $80,000 on the survey about the image of Fort Collins when it is cutting back on its public services such as police and library operations.


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